Grey’s Anatomy 19, Derek’s nephew arrives (was there really a need?)

He runs shirtless in the hospital locker room, his name is Lucas but he hates the nickname Skywalker, he doesn’t respect the rules and makes inappropriate comments. At first glance not even the surname (Adams) says anything but – big surprise! – the new entry of Grey’s Anatomy 19 (just landed on Disney+) is actually one of Derek’s nephews, indeed the favorite.

After having Meredith’s (Ellen Pompeo) late husband “resurrect” in the sort of COVID limbo in which the protagonist has found herself for a long time during the pandemic, here is another stunt to keep Dr. Strangelove alive or at least the memory of it. The screenwriters have lost sight of a fundamental point, namely that there is only one Patrick Dempsey, but you have to understand them: they’ve been on the verge of a nervous breakdown since Pompeo has repeatedly reiterated that she wants to give up the series to then find a compromise (he will only appear in eight episodes).

They are looking for fresh blood at all costs and from there the new class of residents with five young, handsome and obviously problematic facesamong darlings of the small screen, from glee (Harry Shum Jr.) a reign (Adelaide Kane), to semi-unknowns. Niko Terho, 26, from Barbados, who has just over 60,000 followers on Instagram and plays Lucas Adams, belongs to the latter category.

Apparently everyone is counting on him, the hothead of the moment who will then redeem himself, but not before showing some surgical genius and making anyone who meets him fall at his feet.

The character is nice (God forbid!) and it doesn’t have that recommended arrogance that one might expect. Worthy nephew of such an uncle, they could have recycled the story of casual sex with a structured one to recreate the circumstances in which Derek met Meredith, but the writers didn’t dare so much. Indeed yes, they did a copy/paste of the same story but using Link (Chris Carmack) and newcomer Jules (Adelaide Kane) as protagonists. To then liquidate this parenthesis with a sheet to be co-signed for human resources (the times of MeToo are gone and the script doesn’t even try to tread the hand on the alleged improper relationship).

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