Grey’s Anatomy 19, Ellen Pompeo will only appear in 8 episodes: are we running out?

After years of hinting that she would like to step away from the project without, however, giving up her millionaire salary, Ellen Pompeo has made her move: in the new season of Grey’s Anatomy the number 19 – will be present only in eight episodes, letting viewers slowly get used to doing without Meredith Grey. The decision was dictated by the fact that Pompeo – as she has reiterated in dozens of interviews over the past six years – wants to do something else, to devote herself to new projects and, above all, to get the public used to seeing her in a new guise – one of these will be a new Hulu series that will tell the story of a couple who adopt a girl with dwarfism -. It is evident that this move was taken to slowly put an end to a series that, let’s face it, gave everything it could give but which, curiously, continues to be broadcast because none of the executives has ever had the courage to pull the plug on Grey’s Anatomy.

The reason is always the same: money. Although it has been on the air for almost twenty years, the series continues to be one of the most popular on the ABC channelwhat up Grey’s Anatomy has invested so much to give birth to two spin-offs – Private Practices and especially, Station 19which without the original would have no reason to exist – and set up a small empire. Today’s problem is that the series, programs and sagas in the cinema are squeezed out to the last drop drying up not only the viewers’ interest in the product, but also the plots on which they rested, exactly as happened to Grey’s Anatomy who, in the seventeenth season, even recalled his deceased in order to revive the interest of the spectators who, by now, watch the series almost out of inertia, anxious to understand if it will ever have an end now that Shonda Rhimes has given it up to disembark in more profitable shores (i.e. Netflix, with all the Bridgerton and the Inventing Anna of the case).

Ellen Pompeo is tired. She has been saying it for years and reiterates it at every opportunity criticizing the show between the lines, well aware that without her the shack would collapse – her latest release in the podcast tell me had a lot of resonance in America, since he scolded Grey’s Anatomy to “preach” too much on the hot topics of social reveal and then never go back -. Yet she has never had the courage (or the recklessness, depending on the case) to terminate the contract that binds her to the series, even if the choice to appear in 8 episodes is an indication of the fact that maybe this time we’re here, that if it doesn’t the network may itself be suggesting once and for all that Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital is now out of cartridges. In general, it would be nice for someone to find the courage to dismiss their creatures – from Grey’s Anatomy to American Horror Story – from the stage with dignity, before the glories of the past give way to the dullness of repetition and boredom.


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