Grey’s Anatomy 19 will be “a bomb that explodes”, anticipates Kim Raver

Grey’s Anatomy 19 debuts on the American ABC network on October 6 along with the sixth season of Station 19. Probably a very intense season awaits us, in light of what happened in the finale. In an interview with People, Kim Raver teased what fans can expect from the next episode cycle. In fact, several doctors, including interns, have left the hospital, and Meredith appears to be the only one able to save the day.

Among those who have left there are also Teddy and Owen, the latter accused of having provided the veteran military with the necessary medicines to allow them to die in dignity. The couple were seen leaving with their children far from Seattle, and it is unclear how the situation will evolve as they could lose their medical license and consequently no longer practice.

Grey’s Anatomy 19 will have to start from here, but according to the words of Kim Raven it will not be a season like any other:

Season 19 is going to be insane. Like an exploding bomb. And what consequences will it bring? What can this show come up with after 19 years?

The actress also spoke of the future of Teddy and Owenand what awaits them:

I hope that’s not the way the story ends. There is still a lot to tell with these two characters. But never say never. You just have to tune in. I believe there are still stories that need to be told.

It is very unlikely that the two characters will disappear from the scene like this. Kim Raven is present from the sixth season, only to appear as a recurring actress in the following ones, and return on a permanent basis from the fifteenth; instead, Kevin McKidd has been in the permanent cast since the fifth season. Raven also alluded to how much Grey’s Anatomy is far from ending. With “Still stories that need to be told” seems to echo ABC’s desire to continue with the medical drama, which will consider whether to do so even without its historical protagonist, Ellen Pompeo.

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