Grey’s Anatomy 19×06 and Station 19 6×06, the review of the crossover and midseason finale

Common theme, great disaster, preparation for Ellen Pompeo’s farewell: these are the main ingredients of the final midseason crossover episode of Grey’s Anatomy 19×06 and Station 19 6×06, available on Disney+ Star.

Grey's Anatomy 19x06 and Station 19 6x06, the review of the crossover and midseason finale

It is with that strange feeling of limbo that we write our review of the crossovers which is also midseason finale from Grey’s Anatomy 19×06 And Station 19 6×06, available December 7 on Disney+ Stars. This is because it is a maxi-episode that prepares the already announced farewell of the protagonist Ellen Pompeo, which will materialize in fact in the midseason premiere in February in the US (with us presumably in March) and will necessarily have to be a crossover too for how they put things in this heart-pounding double installment. A big disaster as in the historic event episodes of the medical drama, the concept of leader and the fate of some characters on the razor’s edge are the main ingredients, let’s see them together.

Station 19 6×06 : Looking for a leader

Station 19 6X06 Scene

Station 19, season 6: a photo taken from the sixth episode

Remember that you must always watch the episode of Station 19 before the one of Grey’s Anatomy. The big disaster that characterizes the double event episode, paying homage to the historical episodes of the longest-running medical drama on TV, is the lightning storm that is about to hit Seattle. Obviously this happens on the day when at barracks 19 Vic (Barrett Doss) begins his outdoor training camp for aspiring female police officers. And on the day when during the rotation between the stations of the new boss Ross (Merle Dandridge) the woman happens right in hers of her “secret” love interest Sullivan (Boris Kodjoe). After the countless reports of the past few episodes, the latest being that of Ruiz (Carlos Miranda), Ross is trying to figure out if Beckett (Josh Randall) is a worthy boss for the station and who, in case, can replace him.

Station 19 6X06 Jay Hayden

Station 19, season 6: Jay Hayden in the sixth episode

Here is the common theme of the episode, which will also cross over into Grey’s: how important it is to have a valid leader today, at work and in society, especially if it is a job that has to do with life and death like that of the firefighters. Among the various candidates are the always in contention Andy (Jaina Lee Ortiz) and surprisingly Vic; definitely not Maya (Danielle Savre) who reaches the top of her downward spiral this season, much to the chagrin of Carina (our Stefania Spampinato). In parallel, there is no local leader as Seattle’s new mayor, and Travis (Jay Hayden) takes a big step forward in the campaign by making a big decision against Dixon (Pat Healy). Interestingly, what happens to Travis is a mirror of what Sullivan and Maya were already willing to do to get the job of captain, playing dirty. At what point is it right to arrive for the role of leader and above all what kind of leader do we want to become?

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Grey’s Anatomy 19×06 : Almost-Goodbye, Meredith

Grey's Anatomy 19X06 Ellen Pompeo

Grey’s Anatomy 19: Ellen Pompeo in the sixth episode

The lightning storm continues in Grey’s Anatomy, causing the emergency room to fill up. Here too the disaster unfortunately occurs on the day of the opening of the women’s clinic by Miranda (Chandra Wilson), Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Carina, also blocked by bureaucratic permits. Meanwhile Meredith (Ellen Pompeo, who we know will leave the series shortly after 19 years to then return in the finale) has to sort out the last things in the hospital and at home. Now it will be necessary to understand who will take her place as head of the hospital. Definitely not Miranda, as she is keen to tell Richard (James Pickens Jr.). While Meredith symbolically returns to operate after a long time and does it with Nick (Scott Speedman), it is the others who settle the household issues. Specifically, Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and Winston (Anthony Hill) think about it, forced to confront each other about their future as a couple: he who wants to change specialization so as not to spend all day with his mentor who is also his wife and she who can no longer to respect him after he revealed that his greatest passion is her and not work. It is also the episode in which the secret of the new resident (Niko Terho) is finally revealed to everyone: he is the nephew of Derek and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and therefore a Shepherd, to give continuity to the series with the recent farewells and a squeeze keep an eye on the past. Not the only nostalgic symbol in the episode related to Derek. This opens up new storylines for the new entries presented in the premiere in this sort of reboot-non-reboot.

Grays Anatomy 19X06 Niko Terho

Grey’s Anatomy 19: Nike Terho in the sixth episode

There is also an amorous rapprochement between the new residents in the very spirit of series, also revealing something about their past (especially that of the seemingly arrogant character Harry Shum Jr.). Nick is no longer said to follow Meredith closely to Boston with Zola and the children – and it’s interesting because she was supposed to be the new entry that made the indisputable star of Grey’s Anatomy, although it is increasingly an ensemble drama, thanks to the history of Minnesota. Now instead the proposal arrived from Jackson (Jesse Williams) – what an apt choice that of showrunner Krista Vernoff that it was he, the last of the historians to have gone to “recruit” her by closing the circle – could take her elsewhere and without Dr. Marsh. Once again the role of the right leader becomes the central theme of the episode, with a final twist regarding one of the historical symbols of the series that acts as a watershed between the past and the future, as we expect from the crossover midseason premiere which will have many issues pending to resolve.


We close our review of the crossover midseason finale of Grey’s Anatomy 19×06 and Station 19 6×06 by testifying how it is a double passing episode that leaves many outstanding questions and in which the real goodbye will happen with the new year. The theme of the importance of a just leader in today’s society combined with the great disaster that has always characterized the medical drama is the icing on the cake, also giving new storylines to the residents presented at the beginning of the season in a sort of reboot-non-reboot.

Because we like it

  • The figure of the leader who unites the two episodes and winks at current events.
  • The great disaster for the double event episode that pays homage to the past as well as other symbolic elements.
  • The evolution of new entry residents and preparation for Ellen Pompeo’s farewell.

What’s wrong

  • It’s a midseason finale that almost feels like a first part in many ways.

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