“Grey’s Anatomy”: a photo sends fans into raptures


20 May 22 / Written by: Giuliana Lorenzo

A photo with Sandra Oh appeared on the social profiles

From the original cast of Grey’s Anatomy, after almost 20 seasons there is very little left. There are Dr. Richard Weber ie James Pickens Jr, the Doctor Miranda Bailey played by Chandra Wilson and of course Meredith Gray that is Ellen Pompeo.

Above all, the latter has repeatedly expressed its intolerance to go on with the series that lasted longer than expected.

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Over the last few seasons of the Medical Drama, it aired in America on ABC, almost all the historical characters are back.

From Derek Shepherd, aka Patrick Dempsey, up to Addison Montgomery or Kate Walsh.

Only one character never reappeared, the unforgettable Cristina Yang played by Sandra Oh and best friend of Meredith.

In the last few hours, however, fans have begun to hope for a return of the doctor and heart surgeon as well, seen a photo posted on the official profile of Grey’s Anatomy.

The last appearance of the character dates back to season number 10 and yet the shot of the actress with Alex Landi who in the series plays the role of Doctor Nico Kim.

It is not clear if there will really be a return or if it was a chance encounter. Certainly the farewell of Oh a Grays’ Anatomy it was not painless.

In an interview, the actress said: “I felt like I did absolutely everything I could creatively to bring this character to life, and in a way I think it was an amazing opportunity as an actress and a challenge as an artist. Because how do you stay in the game and stay creative over and over again when there are similar situations that repeat themselves over and over again? ”.

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