Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo reveals a would-be-changing aspect of the ABC series

If you ask Meredith Gray’s interpreter Ellen Pompeo what she would change about Grey’s Anatomy, here’s what she’ll answer.

Grey’s Anatomy continues to dominate the ABC television schedule, but after many years of stories in the corridors of the Gray Sloan Memorial, Ellen Pompeo revealed an aspect of Shonda Rhimes’s series that he could change.

Speaking of the show during his Tell Me podcast, as he also reports Varietythe interpreter of Meredith Gray confessed that a particular way of doing the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy has never been too good for her.
I think if you are talking about some kind of desire for the show, mine would be to be a little less moralizing in some episodes on certain topics.“has in fact made his debut.

Ellen Pompeo then explained: “Because for example, let’s make this single episode that I know, let’s see … On the hatred of Asians, we did one about it last season which was really touching. But I’d like to see these topics dealt with more subtly, and over the course of some time. More consistently, you know, and less like something that suddenly falls on your head, you talk about it for that hour of television, and then you move on to something else without talking about it again.“.

And he concluded, reiterating his hope: “I would like the opportunity to address these important social issues in a more expanded way throughout the series, like threads [conduttori]“.

Ellen Pompeo restricts her presence in Grey’s Anatomy 19 to star in the Orphan miniseries

For the nineteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy, however, Pompeo will perhaps have less opportunity to do so, as his presence will be limited due to another television role, the one in the Hulu Orphan series. We will see, however, how the new season will be handled (and if the actress will see her wish come true).

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