Grey’s Anatomy, the farewell of Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo says goodbye to Grey’s Anatomy. For now, at least. With an Instagram post published last night, on a Thursday night without Grey’s Anatomy 19 – which saw its seasonal hiatus on air last week in the USA, awaiting a resumption only on February 23, 2023 – the actress seems to definitively say farewell to the character who made her an icon of TV series, Meredith Grey.

“I am eternally grateful and honored for the love and support you have shown me, Meredith Gray and the show for 19 seasons! Nonetheless, nothing would have been possible without you, the best fans in the world. You have all been captains and made this ride fun and iconic! I love you all and thank you. It’s certainly not your first time on a roller coaster… you know the show must go on and I’ll certainly be back to visit you. With much love and immense gratitude!”

This writes Ellen Pompeo in the message that appeared tonight on her Instagram profile. And that reference to the roller coaster obviously has to do with the logo of Shondaland, the production company of Shonda Rhimes who conceived the series and thus transformed her life and that of Ellen Pompeo – as well as many actors who are entered the large (often despotic) family created by Rhimes. And luckily she didn’t talk about ‘carousel that never stops…’.

In any case, with the sixth episode of the 19th season, Meredith Gray has apparently lost all ties with her ‘old life’. Determined to give Zola better opportunities given her great intelligence, determined to leave Seattle – which until a few years ago was the house you couldn’t leave – Meredith Gray is in the middle of a real lightning storm.

+++ SPOILERS +++

Grey's Anatomy
Grey’s Anatomy

In S19E06, “Thunderstruck,” Meredith sends an email to the entire hospital announcing her move to Boston: Zola will be attending a school there for gifted children and she may decide to work at the Fox Foundation for Alzheimer’s Research. Meanwhile, the freshmen are worried about the future of the graduate program, but there is no shortage of candidates to fill Meredith’s role. But since breaks are never painless at Grey’s Anatomy, lightning strikes Meredith’s house which goes up in flames: the children are saved thanks to Maggie and Winston who were at home packing for the move, but the house it is destroyed.

The only thing that is saved is the post-it with which Meredith and Derek got married.

The rest will be seen.

Grey's Anatomy

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