Grey’s Anatomy without Ellen Pompeo: “It will be fine without me”

It took eighteen seasons before Ellen Pompeo decided to loosen up with Grey’s Anatomy, the series that gave her success but which, however, the actress just can’t help but criticize in the interviews, explaining that by now she has said everything she had to say and that it would be time if she stopped. However, faced with the increasingly bloated checks that ABC has put on her plate from season to season, Pompeo never said no, choosing to have the engagement and the will, on the part of the network, go well with the series as long as the public wants it. However, something has changed in this round since, for the first time since Grey’s Anatomy goes on the air, Ellen Pompeo has decided to thin out her appearances by choosing to take part in only eight episodes of the new season.

A choice linked to both the fatigue that the shooting entails, but also to a certain intolerance towards a character, that of Meredith Gray, which effectively prevented Ellen from pursuing other projects and being taken seriously in other roles. It remains that Pompeo is neither sorry nor repentant at the thought of having taken a step back. On the contrary. Grey’s Anatomy will be fine without me, said the actress to the microphones of Yahoo Entertainment on the sidelines of the D23 Expo event organized by Disney, owner of the network on which Grey’s Anatomy has been on the air for almost twenty years. “I will always be a part of this series, being its executive producer. I spent two decades of my career in Grey’s Anatomy: it’s my heart and soul, and I’ll never really go away until it’s on the air. “

In the meantime, precisely because of the opportunities she has foreclosed on to honor her post in the longest-running medical series on television, Ellen Pompeo has finally decided to explore new avenues. In fact, in the autumn it will debut in Orphan, the new Hulu miniseries inspired by the true story of a Midwestern couple who adopt what they believe is an 8-year-old girl but who, in reality, is a woman suffering from a rare form of dwarfism. «We hope that the fans of Grey’s they will look at it. I know there is no guarantee about it, but I will put the same heart and the same passion into it. There are only eight small episodes, so it won’t take too much of your time “, Pompeo commented even though, deep down, we all know that Grey’s Anatomy without Meredith he would no longer have reason to exist. The day he decides to put an end to it, the series will most likely close its doors.

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