GRID Legends with first gameplay and release date

December 3, 2021, 22:55

Comemasters studio presented the first gameplay from GRID Legends and announced its release date. The presale of the title has also started ?? the prices are, unfortunately, quite high.

We’ve had the first gameplay from GRID Legends announced at EA Play Live 2021. Codemasters studio specializing in racing games has what? to prove with this production ?? especially after not quite successful items, such as GRID and DiRT 5. Luckily, the title is currently being prepared by ?? the masters of the code ?? looks pretty good. No wonder, actually; we also got to know the release date of the game ?? It will debut on February 25, 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, XOne and XSX | S. How does it look in motion? Check it yourself ?? the following 17-minute material should be enough to form your own opinion.

IN GRID Legends there will be plenty of news. The race wizard seems to be the most important of them, which ?? as we read on the official website of the game ?? allow you to create adrenaline-filled events and bring friends and the world to tears by using the cross-play function ??. In other words, we got what ?? on the shape, without trying, the Portal mode present in Battlefield 2042. EA must have had a feeling that providing shooters fans with a virtual space to let their imagination run wild would turn out to be a bull’s-eye, and they were not wrong.

We also got to know a number of game modes that we will have to deal with in GRID Legends. We will take part in such competitions as elimination, truck battle, drift, electrifying races with acceleration ?? or chaotic events with many classes [samochodów – dop. red.]??. We will drive various types of cars on over 130 routes, some of which will be located in locations new to the series, such as London, Moscow and the Austrian Strada Alpina. The creators boast about the Fight for Glory, ie the career mode which is to be the most magnificent in the history of the series.

Developers also promise a revised, human ?? artificial intelligence of computer-controlled virtual vehicles. Moreover, the participation of rivals in the races may be made difficult by random events, e.g. exploding engines or bursting tires.

It is also worth mentioning that from today ?? pre-orders for GRID Legends can be placed. The game is available in two variants ?? Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition (the better one, in addition to the production itself, offers two exclusive cars: Volkswagen Golf GTI and Audi R8 1: 1, as well as accelerated unlocking of car upgrades and several additional modes of play, career threads, sponsors, colors, logos and other cosmetic elements). On PC (Steam, Origin) we will pay for them 269.90 PLN and 349.90 PLN respectively, while on consoles from Sony and Microsoft ?? PLN 299.90 and PLN 399.90. Expensive.

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