Griezmann was defeated by Simeone in his first match

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Last night, Atlético Madrid performed brilliantly in the opening of the championship against Granada (3-1). With an excellent attacking team, Kolconeros made a difference in the second half to make a good start to the season, when Barca had already lost two points against the competition.

But in this good overall performance where the attackers shone (Morata and Depay scored one goal each), a certain Antoine Griezmann was more discreet. And the French striker couldn’t count on Diego Simeone to hide it. Facing the press, the Argentine coach clearly berated his player compared to the competition.

“It is clear that only the two surfaces matter. We have footballers who can do this well. Álvaro played well, Memphis scored a great goal, Korea started well, Griezmann didn’t have a good game, but we need him in the best possible way. ,

to sum up

In Atletico’s first game in La Liga, Griezmann was scolded by Simeone for his poor performance. The manager expects a lot from his player as the competition is fierce with many quality players up front.

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