Grupo Miranza’s new aesthetic medicine division

this IMO Miranza Group Eye Clinicdedicated to the ophthalmology and fifteen years of experience Eye cosmetic medical treatmentlaunch brand IMO anti-aging Expanding the range of cosmetic and rejuvenation treatments available to patients, betting on innovative body and facial treatments Non-surgical and minimally invasive.they will tThree ophthalmic cosmetic expert doctors The IMO Anti-Aging Team’s facilities are located in a completely renovated area of ​​IMO Grupo Miranza’s headquarters in Barcelona and are specifically designed to provide these services.

In launching this new unit, the priority was Cutting-edge technology enables innovative, high-quality and precise services to patients. In this sense, Amro KayaliDermatologists and IMO anti-aging experts emphasize “the use of state-of-the-art equipment, e.g. PotenzaTM devicea unique microneedle radiofrequency system that can be used on the body and face, Fight sagging, wrinkles or acne scars, in addition to rejuvenating the face. ” Another piece of equipment purchased for this new unit was Cong Ra plasma generator that treats wrinkles, Skin spots and scarsas well as performing non-surgical blepharoplasty to address some cases of eye bags.

IMO Anti-Aging also works on Regenerative and Integrative Medicine As a treatment, platelet rich plasma or (PRP) is “from simple Collect blood from patient, we separate the plasma by centrifugation,” Kaiyali explained. According to experts, “This autologous plasma is rich in growth factors, proteins that can promote scarring, healing of soft tissue and bone tissue, or promote the healing of bone tissue. “ cell regeneration”. It is an aesthetic solution designed to rejuvenate the area of ​​application and can also be used Stretch marks, burns, or hair loss.

IMO Beauty Treatments at Grupo Miranza

In addition to these treatments, other treatments that are already part of this treatment are added. Aesthetic medicine services From IMO Milansa Group From now on this content will be included in the new IMO anti-aging unitpicture Injection of neuromodulators Treat wrinkles, tension lines, or Fillers for facial area, such as dark circles, chin area or lips.All this, combined with equipment that the clinic has provided over the years, such as CO2 laser or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), makes Improve skin appearancewhich can eliminate scars, wrinkles, or signs of acne if the patient’s condition warrants it.

Kayyali explains:ultimate goal The purpose of IMO Anti-Aging is to help every patient find a solution Improve aesthetic issues or specific areas, we can achieve this by individual therapy or combinations of treatments, we personalize treatments on a case-by-case basis to meet each individual’s needs. ”

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