‘GTA 5’ actor defends ‘GTA 6’ new heroine after fan backlash

grand theft auto 6 Awakening received backlash from some fans after a trailer revealed that the main playable protagonist would be a woman named Lucia. But one of the series’ most famous voice actors disagrees.

In an interview with IGN, the actor Grand Theft Auto Michael (voice and styling), Ned Luke seem very excited about the new character and how similar she is to the cast GTA 5.

He noticed that the opening in the trailer was very similar to the opening of his own game, and he seemed excited to see how his story was similar and different from theirs.

“The first thing is the similarities to the first trailer we made,” Luke said when asked what he noticed about the trailer. “‘Why did I move here? I guess it’s the weather, right? “Lucia, do you know why you came here? “Bad luck, I guess.” “The rumbling sound struck me, there was a similarity there.”

“I think she’s pretty badass,” Luke said of the Lucia he saw in the trailer. “I really like her character. Now, does that mean it’s going to translate into this amazing character in the game? We’ll see. “I think so. “

Luke also noted that some fans seemed to feel grand theft auto 6 Another protagonist, a man named Jason, appears “weak” and he doesn’t agree with this either.

“You didn’t see Jason,” Luke said. “He’s laying on the bed and she’s laying on top of him, you know ‘trust.’ If I had that chick on top of me, I’d be like ‘Yeah, no matter what you say.’ ‘”

Aside from the main character, what caught Luke’s attention the most was the size of the butt in the trailer.

“I’ve been looking for a little ass,” he said of his on-air reaction to the incident. grand theft auto 6 trailer. “No little donkeys! We have little butts in our trailer. “I can’t believe how big these butts are. “

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