GTA 6 co-op gameplay leak leaves fans divided

It’s time for a new round grand theft auto 6 Fans are divided over leaked gameplay footage. We know this must be annoying to people who don’t care, but the next GTA is a big deal, so, rightly or wrongly, fans are carrying their expectations.

The latest disagreement comes over leaked footage of the collaboration, with some fans claiming it’s “difficult” to imagine grand theft auto 6 and cooperative mode. While players are used to this type of mechanic in other games, Grand Theft Auto fans aren’t exactly adept at ordering allies to perform actions.

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What’s more, they’re definitely not for sale in overflow screen games, which would include some concerns if co-op play is officially part of the game. The next question is, as one fan put it, whether such a game mechanic would work in the GTA world. “I hope they don’t have co-op or weird friend commands… It could be cool, yes, but I don’t think it would work well in a GTA game, or even a Rockstar game.”

They continued, “I just hope they (Rockstar Games) err on the side of caution and create a good story like they know they can… maybe even ax online play and never let it see the light of day, but that’s too optimistic . ”

Despite the odd fan saying they would “never play with an overflow screen,” there are some who appreciate the chance to have a controllable companion to play with. “Fork! I thought the same thing from the moment I saw the leak,” one eager fan replied to the OP.

“A robot companion that you can command – (I) hope that’s true because it sounds awesome!” Considering there are two main protagonists – Lucia and Jason – players command as they go on missions It makes sense for their peers to help them.

Clearly, consensus among fans isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Plus, there are bigger concerns to deal with, like release date confusion, which has fans on edge. Everyone wants this game to be the best it can be without any issues.

But do we really understand that’s a different story…

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