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grand theft auto 6 It promises to be the most realistic and fun game in the entire Rockstar Games series. As technology and consoles advanced, developers gradually allowed protagonists to fly planes, ride subways, and skydive like they would in real life. Don’t you think something is missing?

A detail from the trailer grand theft auto 6 It has attracted the attention of all sectors of society. In this Reddit post, you can see that the trailer released by Rockstar includes an image that shows a bus stop. It’s true that we’ve seen similar stops in previous Grand Theft Auto games, but the stops in GTA 6 have a lot of detail that makes them a decorative element.

“I noticed that the bus stop signs were too detailed for us to use. The big, obvious text looked very clear. I remember when GTA 4 En route, GameInformer reports that you can walk to a station and a timetable will appear on your screen showing when your next arrival will be. He never made it to the finals. Could it be that after all these years we finally have a working bus network? “Reddit user u/Ill_Employer_1665 commented.

“There is absolutely no reason for bus stops to have so much detail. It’s something they could have done years ago but never did. Before that there was always a lollipop sign with an illegible timetable posted on it . Even the stops I’ve seen in leaks follow this pattern”another Reddit user added, grand theft auto 6 There is a public bus system.

The developer may be like this grand theft auto 6 Although many players don’t use public services to perform tasks or just stroll around the city, just bet on something like this.exist GTA 5the subway is functional, and some tasks involve going underground, but if you can steal cars at will, how can you do something like the bus system?

grand theft auto 6 This wouldn’t be the first video game to add a public bus system. Another Reddit user shared his experience with a classic game in Legends that has almost the same features. “There’s a thing about Vice City: buses will stop for pedestrians, and if you steal a bus to the stop, they’ll come in and you get to play the role of the bus driver. “When I was a kid, I spent Been doing this for hours. “u/badass_dean commented.

GTA 6 trailer and announcement

“Grand Theft Auto VI continues to push the boundaries of highly immersive, story-driven open world experiences”Rockstar Games founder Sam Houser said in a press release. “We are excited to share this new vision with players around the world”.

The trailer is 90 seconds long and ends with the release date grand theft auto 6: Sometime in 2025. Rockstar also noted that the long-awaited video game will be coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. PC gamers will have to wait.

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