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Only one year left to play grand theft auto 6 On the new generation of game consoles. Leaks are the norm, some crazier than others, and it’s no wonder since expectations are sky-high.We’re talking about the most expensive game in history to date a decade later GTA 5we may see this in the dimensions of the map.

Maps are predictable grand theft auto 6 is huge and much larger than… GTA 5, but how big? Reddit users speculated, with one user named u/notmesofuckyou posting a comparison of the two maps. You can keep calm because the scale of GTA 6’s settings is spectacular.

“Imagine driving from the top of the map to the crocodile for an online mission”commented kimm_jong_un. “If you take Red Dead Online as a base, there’s a lot of long journeys from A to B in GTA Online 2”added Kronenburg_1664. “Me and my friends always go from one end to the other together in every game and I really want to do that (in GTA VI)”ItzBabyJoker exclaimed.

Anticipations are high and you don’t have to worry about this being a spoiler as Rockstar Games has neither confirmed nor denied the internet rumors.They only react when massive gameplay leaks happen grand theft auto 6 In pre-testing stage.

GTA 6 map leaked

A short video has gone viral online, allegedly posted by a friend of Rockstar Games art director Aaron Garbut’s son, showing grand theft auto 6everything indicates it will be huge.

“The map is twice the size of Los Santos in GTA V. There are 3 main cities and 4 sub-cities, and there is a large lake in the center of the map”@InfoMundiall tweeted.

Users of the platform have compared the buildings to elements that appeared in leaked videos of the GTA 6 game, and many of the details are consistent, so the images are likely from the video game and not an elaborate fake crafted by trolls.

GTA 6 official trailer

“Grand Theft Auto VI continues to push the boundaries of highly immersive, story-driven open world experiences”Rockstar Games founder Sam Houser said in a press release. “We are excited to share this new vision with players around the world”.

The trailer is 90 seconds long and ends with the release date grand theft auto 6: Sometime in 2025. Rockstar also noted that the long-awaited video game will be coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. PC gamers will have to wait.

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