GTA 6, First Images of the Game Rockstar Games Revealed by a Leak?


Apparently a leak would have revealed the first images of GTA 6, the new chapter of the famous series developed by Rockstar Games.

GTA 6 would have been the victim of a leak that revealed the first images of the new episode of the Rockstar Games series.

The shots of Grand Theft Auto VI, appearing on Reddit and then deleted along with the account that published them, show the back of a car, one of the characters and an airstrip.

According to the opinions of the users who first saw the images, it would be a fake made with the now traditional fuzzy and / or crooked image technique to add air from stolen material.

But there are also several people who hope that the shots are real, more than anything else because it would mean that the eventual GTA 6 reveal is closer than previously thought.

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