GTA 6: ‘Florida Joker’ threatens Rockstar with deadly alliance if they don’t pay him $10 million

There are many players who continue to be surprised by the first trailer for GTA 6, but there is one person who is more frustrated than hallucinating. Lawrence Sullivan, known as the “Florida Clown” for his facial tattoos. Rockstar had no qualms about parodying a wacky character in the game, and based on his public appearances, he wasn’t happy about it because He disagrees with their use of his image without reimbursement.

pass”final warning”, Lawrence Sullivan made his demands clear to the game studio, and the demands were not low: Not less than US$10 million. Sullivan claims “his character has been suffered” and “defamed” and he wants compensation in return.

The most striking thing is that he also Threatening to grand theft auto hack. The same person who leaked game material in advance and caused millions of dollars in losses to Rockstar.Additionally, the Florida Joker set a deadline for negotiations, and it turns out Thursday, January 11, was his birthday, and he gave the company three days to respond to his request..

GTA 6, the most anticipated game of 2025

With nearly 200 million copies sold, Grand Theft Auto V clearly shows why it’s our most anticipated release in years. GTA 6 will release on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S sometime in 2025 (They haven’t confirmed its PC version yet) And it’s a complicated challenge: Transcendence is already one of the most successful games in history.

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