GTA Online Contract brings story missions to the game! Franklin Clinton and old friends are back

Rockstar has not decided to develop a story expansion pack for GTA 5, but instead has just confirmed GTA Online Contract. This is a brand new mission pack that will provide players with a full-fledged story. Old friends will return to the game.

Rockstar has unveiled “GTA Online Contract”, new story content for GTA Online, which will include Dr. Dre and Franklin Clinton (GTA 5 star). The content will go live on December 15th and will of course be in the game for free.

The plot focuses on “F. Clinton and Partner ”, a new“ Celebrity Solutions Agency, ”serving the Vinewood elite who need effective solutions to problems for high-society customers.

The creators predict the story with the following words:

“To get an agency going, Franklin needs two things: a reliable partner and a famous client. With the help of your long-standing contact and newly minted cannabis entrepreneur Lamar Davis, you are the one who can join the company and help Franklin and your agency put out to sea. Meanwhile, DJ Pooh contacted Franklin regarding a potential client: his friend Dr. Dre. Just before their trip to Cayo Perico, Dr. Dre mysteriously went missing, and now it turns out that he has fallen into the wrong hands. The situation is serious, because there is a sensation on the phone – the previously unpublished music of Dr. Dre. This is just such a prestigious order that the agency needs. “

Developers prepare players for a “new, crazy adventure in Los Santos”, thanks to which daredevils will set off on a journey from the ruthless streets of the former Franklin district through the most exclusive parties in the city and decadent residences to the FIB office. Players along with Franklin, hacker Imani, Chop and the crew will track down the stolen music of Dr. Dre to return it to the owner.

The creators announce a lot of news: in GTA Online there will even be a new radio station, which will be run by a “special guest”, and players will even hear previously unpublished songs from Dr. Dre and many other artists.

It is worth recalling that we already mentioned the work of Dr. Dre’s over the music for Rockstar, but at the time we were hoping for the arrival of GTA 6. As you can see, the developers are still keen on developing GTA Online.


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