Rockstar Games has removed the GTA series titles from Nvidia GeForce Now, suggesting that it is preparing to stream them on Google Stadia.

Rockstar Games could launch the GTA series on Google Stadia, after removing it from the Nvidia GeForce Now service.

As one of our contacts, a beta tester of Nvidia GeForce Now, notified us, Rockstar’s official abandonment of Nvidia’s cloud service occurred just before the last week of August. Since then, rumors have begun to spread about the studio’s desire to bring its famous series to Google Stadia, which would essentially have the exclusive cloud for its titles.

There is also talk of an exclusive launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 on Google Stadia, even if there is no confirmation about it (probably only speculations). If this were the case, it would become the only way to play on PC and Rockstar would forever resolve its conflict with the PC world, modder in particular.

Obviously we invite you to take everything with due caution because there are no official announcements in this regard.

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