GTA V, the Map Hides a Chilling Secret (and You Can Hear It)

GTA V  is ready to experience a new launch on next-gen consoles starting November 11, and while they wait, fans continue to play the “old” versions of the title, discovering hidden details.

The last chapter of the crime saga signed by Rockstar Games has been able to conquer a large fanbase thanks to the variety of content offered and a substantial offer found in the online mode.

Lovers of the game are many, and one of them has put together a mod that allows you to bring it to 8K, making it literally “dub” the still unreleased next-gen version.

The platforms on which GTA V  plans to release seem to never end, and the latest of these is the mind of an AI, through which a fan has managed to “turn” the adventure of Trevor, Franklin, and Michael.


While it must be admitted that the secrets of the game are practically unquantifiable, it is true that not all of them reserve pleasant surprises.

The latest of these was discovered by a user who immediately wanted to share it on Reddit and refers to distressing background music.

The gamer managed to get very far from the map (probably swimming underwater), and once he reached a considerable distance he stumbled upon the frightening discovery.

You can hear the disturbing music directly in the video below:

Scary background sound starts after going very far away from the map from GrandTheftAutoV

According to some users, it would be a series of noises related to the Kosatka submarine, available for purchase in GTA Online, which should have nothing in common with the curious “picnic” shown in the video.

Many fans have warned the player that ” the seabed is among the scariest points  of the whole game”, while others believe it may be ” a simple glitch that for some strange reason reproduces the sounds of the submarine .”

But the “denial” came quickly from another user, certain that ” these noises are absolutely not those of the Kosatka, or of other similar vehicles “.

While waiting for the mystery to be revealed, did you know that a well-known insider “anticipated” that the protagonist of the next chapter could be a woman?

Not much is known about GTA 6  yet, but the game is already one of the most discussed, although there is no official detail on the settings and characters that will populate it.

A further rumor, very interesting, had arrived last month: it seems that in the new iteration of the franchise, players will be able to be rewarded in a completely new way.

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