GTA VI will last 500 hours, here are the cities featured in the video game

GTA VI is the protagonist of a new and important leak that could certainly mean a historic experience for all players.

GTA VI continues to be at the center of the dreams and conversations of many gamers. The title, which seemed never to arrive, was finally officially announced by Rockstar, who communicated how they were working to carry out a really big and important project for the company. In this sense, in fact, everyone’s expectations are very high. After a GTA V that lasted practically a decadealso and above all thanks to one of the most imaginative communities in the world, something truly revolutionary is expected.

GTA VI will last 500 hours, here are the cities featured in the video game

Many expect, once again, a revolution in the open world concept and once again, after GTA San Andreas, it’s up to Rockstar to reinvent the rules of a genre that is beginning to feel the weight of the years and become less pleasant. Especially after the latest announcement made by Ubisoft, which did not pleasantly impress gamers. Talking about GTA VI was Michael Pachter, a videogame analyst who seems to have a source very close to Rockstar. Here’s what he revealed to Wccftech.

GTA VI, duration and city protagonists of a leak

GTA VI has been in development since 2014. Maybe then they weren’t writing game code but they were writing history, but I know that since 2015 they started writing code “. The game in question should be really huge, so much so that the leaker ensures that “It will take 10 years or more to finish it”. In particular because the map it should be really huge and incredibly structured. In fact, there is talk of a cross between “Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City, and Europe, London for sure”. Players will be free to “Go anywhere in those continents, there will be missions that will lead to all those places”.

GTA V protagonists

In this sense, the leaker is unbalanced and makes a truly impressive forecast regarding the duration of the title. Only to finish the single player story, in fact, there is talk of a truly incredible, almost embarrassing duration. “Probably it will literally be a game of four or five hundred hours when it comes out”.

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