Gtt, electronic ticket on board the bus and metro

Buying a ticket directly on board public transport is becoming the norm. After testing on some lines, GTT has now introduced the system on another 25 lines. The electronic ticket is in effect an ordinary urban and suburban “City 100” ticket at the price of 1.70 euros. Once purchased, the user can travel on all urban and suburban lines and take a ride on the metro within the expiry of the 100 minutes of validity.

How does it work
To purchase the electronic ticket, simply bring the credit card close to the machine (the payment cards appear on the display) and wait for the confirmation beep. On the subway, all stations are enabled for contactless payment: the gate dedicated to Tap & Go payment can be identified not only by the payment card logos, but also by special stickers positioned on the ground. The charge is made directly to the current account on which the credit card is placed and through the dedicated website it is possible to check the status of the trips made. At the moment, the system allows you to purchase only one ticket for each payment card.

What cards can I use?
Tap & Go is authorized to use credit cards, prepaid cards and debit cards with the Mastercard / Maestro, Visa / V Pay and Amex brands. The purchase is also possible through the virtual card on a smartphone or smartwatch. Some cards may indicate to the customer a pre-authorization with a different amount from the cost of the ticket: once the authorization has been made, the customer will only be charged for the actual value of the ticket.

What if they stop me for a checkup?
The controllers can check the electronic ticket through terminals specially guaranteed for privacy: they only check the last four digits of the credit card.

What are the lines on which I can buy the e-ticket?
The ticket was already available on board on lines 8, 55, 56, 58, 58B and 68. It now extends to lines 6,11, 12, 17B, 19, SM2, 33, 35, CP1, 38, SE1, SE2, 63B, 64, 71, VE1, 74, 84 and on the historic tramway 7. The system, however, is destined to expand. In fact, in 2023, with the arrival of 192 new buses, more than 50% of the GTT fleet will be equipped with the new system.

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