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Guanajuato, GTO.- (OEM-Informex).- Registered in Guanajuato, to date, 430 species of birds, of which 193 are migratory, representing 45% of the total species, and it is protected natural area One of the points of the Uraria lagoon biggest impact For its arrival, the head of the Ministry of the Environment and Territorial Planning (SMAOT), Isabel Ortiz Mantilla, informed within the framework of world bird day migration, which is celebrated on May 13 in spring and October 14 in autumn.

Due to every ten birds registered in the state, there are four migrantsThrough Secretary to the State Government Environment and Territorial Planning (SMAOT), supports its commitment to the conservation of the ecosystem that allows the conservation of the species it shelters.

Isabel Ortiz Mantilla assures that conservation work and biological monitoring ANPs are carried out in the state with the help of forest rangers, which are essential for continuing the conservation of wealth. from Guanajuato through its biodiversity.

is registered in protected natural area (ANP) Almost all the bird families of the state are migratory birds. birds are very popular and attractive aquatic migrant, For example, the family of ducks (19 species in the ANP), shorebirds (29 species), herons (11 species) and gulls (9 species).

most of bird familyHave at least one migratory species.

Water is essential for life on our planet. the vast majority of migratory Bird They depend on aquatic ecosystems during their life cycle. inland wetlands and coastal, streams, lakes, rivers, marshes and ponds are important for food, drinking or nesting, and also as places for rest and refuel during his long journeys.

The most common migratory birds seen are those that make their winter migration, This species breeds in the north of the continent (from Alaska and Canada to northern Mexico) and spend the winter in our region, some reaching Central America. For example, he white pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos) that breed and migrate in Canada and the northern United States Mexico and Central America.

in ANP”Uraria Lagoon and its area of ​​influence” Pelicans have been found in the United States state of Idaho and spend the winter Uraria Lagoon So they travel a total of about 5800 round-trip kilometres.

In 2023, the world day of migratory birds It is celebrated on May 13 in spring and October 14 in autumn. This year’s conservation theme is about importance of water To sustain the life of migratory birds.

To migrate, birds must meet physical challenges and impressive physiology, so they have adapted to become more hardy and tolerant of their needs. ecological and metabolicmodify their behavior and can feed on a large variety of resources.

In their hibernation sites, it is common to see them forming groups or Composite Mixed Band by resident species and what protects you from predators, They play an important role in the ecological dynamics of the sites they visit, as they are important predators of insects and vertebratesSeed dispersers and pollinators of many plants.

world day of migratory Bird is an annual awareness campaign that highlights the need for conservation of migratory birds their residence. It has a global reach and is an effective tool to help raise global awareness of the threats facing migratory birds ecological importance And their conservation requires international cooperation.

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