Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3: Touching Goodbye.

For Harry:
I will always miss you.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 (2023) proves an unwritten rule of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU): Its best movies are the ones where contracts end up. And it is that since there is no commitment to the permanence of this or that character, these tapes can afford a rare luxury in Marvel cinema: providing a sense of danger.

James Gunn takes full advantage of the above for the third installment of his saga and the result is palpable. the bar is very low, but without a doubt the amount of Guardians of the Galaxy The funniest and most interesting thing that’s happened to Marvel end game (Rousseau, 2019).

Gunn does not become involved with the plot: a golden creature – who appears out of nowhere – named Adam Warlock (Will Poulter), attacks Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper) for no apparent reason, leaving him for dead. While trying to heal him, his friends learn that since the raccoon is actually a scientific experiment (as is well established in the first film) it turns out that they need to “unlock” his body. needs a key and thus they are able to save him. death. ,

mentor 3 These two films are in between. The first is a fun adventure film with lots of humour, witty dialogue, good acting and a production design that shamelessly uses and abuses (that sequence shot, that song music) out of his huge budget. The second tape is the one in the mind of the dying rocket, where – through an extended flash back– depicts his brutal transformation from a lovable raccoon into a highly intelligent entity, following brutal experiments on his body. These scenes are in stark contrast to the film’s tone: they’re the darkest moments we’ve ever seen in a Marvel movie, mainly due to the presence of a group of tiny animals who in turn turn into villains, the crazed High Evolutionary (admirable, Chukwudi Iwuji). ,

In full use of his faculties, Gunn becomes an effective manipulator: he knows which buttons to press, what jokes to make, what roles to play to generate emotion, laughter, anguish or tears. This has got to be the first time a Marvel movie has made me cry, which is still a milestone: One of these tapes finally makes me feel something beyond laughter or boredom.

James Gunn bids farewell to Marvel with the pride of being the only director who was able to wade through that quagmire without compromising his vision. How many filmmakers can claim something similar?

But yes, this movie should come with a warning: If you have any sick pets, or just love animals a lot, it’s probably a bad idea to watch this movie.

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