Gucci show in Castel del Monte, a parade of stars in Puglia: from Dakota Johnson to Lana Del Rey. Fans cheer Måneskin

IMtoneskin in Trani, Dakota Johnson, Elle Fanning and Lana Del Rey in Polignano a Mare, and a crowd of celebrities scattered throughout Puglia, guests of luxury resorts and farms. Gucci arrives in Castel del Monte for the “Cosmogonie” fashion show, on the evening of May 16, and net of the exceptional nature of the event – for the first time the manor of Federico II, Unesco heritage, opens up to high fashion – ferment of the Apulians is also linked to curiosity, and the desire to run into someone famous. The toto-names dominated the weekend, but the certainties are few.

Gucci fashion show in Castel del Monte, the Maneskins arrive in Trani: delirious fans and fish dinner

Because Castel del Monte will be inaccessible to those who do not have the invitation – reserved for 300-400 people – and the invitation is already iconic: the various phases of the Moon are represented, and that of May 16 will be full, and an eclipse at dawn is also guaranteed. Not only that, because each guest is associated with a number corresponding to a star, adopted by Gucci in his name “to cross the cosmos”.

Returning to “vip watching” are the social networks to leak something. Because Puglia is irresistible for those who perhaps set foot there for the first time, and with the smartphone in hand immortalize dinners in breathtaking places, countryside, cities and monuments, from the center of Ostuni to the Cathedral of Trani. Models, models and journalists who arrived in the region for Gucci did it, and there are those who are more discreet and those who are not.

Gucci parades in Castel del Monte between world direct, a parade of stars and plays of light: what we know about the event

by Anna Puricella

And then the Mtoneskin, veterans of the Eurovision of Turin, have published videos on their pages while they are having dinner in Trani, and for their part the fans have stormed the place where they were staying. Then there was a dinner at Grotta Palazzese, a historic restaurant in Polignano a Mare housed in a cave and overlooking the Adriatic. And here the social networks have revealed a lot: because the Thai model Davikah Hoorne celebrated her birthday, and it was she herself who shared photos and videos of the evening on Instagram, to the delight of her sixteen million followers.

She photographed herself in the company of two actresses of undisputed fame, Dakota Johnson (the protagonist of “Fifty Shades of Gray”) and Elle Fanning (“Maleficent”). And on closer inspection, among those present at Grotta Palazzese, there is also the singer Lana Del Rey, already spotted in recent days in Italy, in addition to the actors Blake Lee and Jodie Smith.

For the rest, there are stories, the names of Lady Gaga and Iggy Pop are circulating, and you could also add those of other well-known Gucci testimonials such as Jared Leto, Harry Styles and the Italians Alessandro Borghi and Achille Lauro. Borghi received the invitation – what he himself published in the stories on Instagram always holds true – as did the Apulian singer Emma Marrone.

Apart from the “VIP hunt”, the fact remains that “Cosmogonie” will be a unique, unrepeatable event for Castel del Monte and Puglia. “Remember to look up,” reads one of the video commercials launched by Gucci online. To look at the stars that the maison has adopted for each guest, and then let yourself be enchanted by the creations of the creative director Alessandro Michele, clearly inspired by the cosmos and influenced by the spirit of Frederick II, and by that strange octagonal architecture that so fascinates and struggles those who approaches.

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