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Here is the full cast of Fantasy Island, directed by Jeff Waldlow and horror adaptation of the TV series Fantasy Island by Gene Levitt.

Fantasy Island was one of the most anticipated films of 2020, both for the cast full of well-known faces from the small screen and international cinema and for the fact that it was a horror adaptation of a series that was anything but thriller. Fantasy land, aired from 1978 to 1984, it told of a holiday island where it was possible to make one’s dreams come true; the show had a strong magic matrix and the fantastic element was overwhelming. The film instead follows the structure of horror and presents 5 characters visiting Fantasy Island, a resort in the tropics managed by the mysterious Mr. Roarke, where every wish or fantasy can become reality. Between futuristic mechanisms and an immediately disturbing atmosphere, each of the guests will be accompanied in their own personal fantasies, those in search of revenge, those to find a lost love and those to no longer feel alone. Obviously every fantasy will have consequences, indeed these will turn out to be even more frightening and real than they could ever have imagined. Despite the hype and the gross of $ 47 million against a budget of $ 7 million, the film was destroyed by critics, with a very low percentage of positive reviews. Here are all the characters and actors who play them in the film Fantasy Island.

Lucy Hale is Melanie Cole

Fantasy Island

Protagonist of Fantasy Island, Melanie was bullied by her schoolmate, Sloane, whom she sees as the cause of all her past and present ills. Melanie is portrayed by Lucy Haleborn in 1989, American actress and singer born in Memphis and iconic face of Aria Montgomery in the TV series pretty Little Liars. She first appeared in front of the camera in 2005, aged 16, she starred in 2008 in 4 friends and a pair of jeans 2participating in a number of roles as a guest star in well-known TV series, and for 8 episodes in Bionic Woman and for 18 a Privileged. Along with the entry into the cast of pretty Little LiarsLucy Hale starred in Scream 4, Truth or Dare, The color of freedomand in the shows Life Sentence, Katy Keene And Radgoll. In 2014 she then released 2 singles and the album Road Between.

Michael Peña is Roarke in Fantasy Island

Michael Pena

Roarke is the owner of the Island, which he has agreed to serve and safeguard in exchange for the immortality of his wife Julia. Roarke in Fantasy Island is played by Michael Peña, American actor born in Chicago and of Mexican descent. Peña worked in a bank before becoming passionate about acting, getting a part in an independent film in 1994, then playing minor roles in many TV series. The turning point came in 2004 with Million Dollar Baby And Crash – Physical contact, both Oscar-winning films for Best Picture. This is how Peña’s career takes off and sees him participate in films such as Babel, World Trade Center, Shooter, The Lincoln Lawyer, Fury, Survivor – The Martian, 12 Soldiers, The courier – The Mule and many others. On the small screen it was instead noted in The Shield, Gracepoint And Narcos: Mexico.

Maggie Q. is Gwen Olsen

Fantasy Island

Skeptical of the island, Gwen believes she is doomed to eternal misery. Face of Gwen in Fantasy Island, Maggie Q., whose real name is Margaret Denis Quigley. American actress, producer and model born in 1979, born in Honolulu, she is known to the general public for the role of Nikita in the series Nikita and Tori Wu in the film trilogy by Divergent. Vietnamese-born Maggie Q. began her career in 2000, making her mark in 2004 by participating in Around the world in 80 days, Mission: Impossible II, Die Hard – Live or dieand joining the cast of Nikita in 2010, after a first appearance on the small screen 5 years earlier in a minor film. Also interpreter of shows Stalker And Designated Survivor he starred in the cinema in New York, I Love You, The Protégéthe films of Divergent and many others.

Austin Stowell is Patrick Sullivan

Fantasy Island

A police officer with a dream of joining the military, and the son of a war hero, Sullivan will be key as the Island reveals itself for what it really is. Patrick Sullivan is portrayed by Austin Stowell, American actor born in Kensington in 1984, who decided to pursue an acting career after high school by studying at the School of Fine Arts. Following minor roles in some TV series, he plays the role of Jesse on the show The secret life of the American teenagerthen getting noticed on the big screen in The incredible story of Winter the dolphin, Love and Honor and the acclaimed Whiplash. Also interpreter of In Dubious Battle – Courage of the Last, The battle of the sexes And 12 Soldiersalso took part in the TV series Catch-22 and the tv movie Behind the candlesticks.

Portia Doubleday is Sloane Maddison in Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island

External to the first group of visitors, Sloane is linked to the fantasy and therefore to Melanie’s childhood. In Fantasy Island Sloane is portrayed by Portia Doubleday, born in 1988, American actress born in Los Angeles and daughter of art. Portia rose to prominence in 2009 with Youth in Revolt, however, starring in a film for the first time at the age of 10. Iconic face of Angela Moss in the TV series Mr. Robotstarred in Big Mama – Like father, like sonin Her And Satan’s gaze – Carrie.

Ryan Hansen is JD

Still deeply attached to a woman he lost, JD is very close to his brother Brax with whom he has a fatherly attitude, always trying to make sure she’s okay. Face of JD in Fantasy Islandthat of Ryan HansenAmerican actor born in San Diego who began to get noticed in the early 2000s, starring in Veronica Mars in the role of Dick Casablanca. Also cast member of 2 Broke Girls and the show Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Televisionalong with numerous guest star roles on the small screen, in the cinema she took part in Friday 13, GI Joe – Revenge, Veronica Mars – The movie, XOXOAnd Like a boss.

Jimmy O. Yang is Brax

Brax, a gay renegade by his family following the discovery of his homosexuality, brother of JD, often goes to him for help. Inseparable, the two share the same fantasy of “having it all”. Brax is portrayed by Jimmy O. Yangactor and comedian born and lived in Hong Kong until the age of 13, and with US citizenship since 2015. Born in 1987, he began his career on the big and small screen in 2012 and from 2014 to 2019 he starred in the TV series Silicon Valley. Over the years she has also taken part in films Life of the Party – A college mom, Crazy & Rich, Like a boss and in numerous TV series as a guest star, including Space Force as a recurring character.

To complete the cast of Fantasy Island, Michael Rooker as Damon, a private investigator hired to find out what lies behind the Island, Parisa Fitz-Henley who plays Julia, Roarke’s assistant and wife, Evan Egora in the role of Nick Taylor, mysterious and dark figure with monstrous features e Kim Coates as Devil Face, leader of the mercenaries who attack JD and Brax.

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