Gummed and very low cut: Shakira’s pants brand and teaches everything!


The Colombian artist wore tight trousers that highlighted the most prohibited.

If something has characterized the Colombian singer Shakira is her original way of dressing, which always points towards simplicity and authenticity.

Shakira started with a type of music much more similar to rock, but then it was moving towards pop. In the beginning, the Colombian always wore dark colors, low-cut pants, and blouses that let her see her perfect abdomen. 

However, over time Shakira had to reinvent himself and now those pants that many of her fans remember are rarely seen. That is why we bring you this photo of when the interpreter of “Rabiosa”, “Loca”, and “Barefoot” sported the rubberized rubber pants with the lowest cut on the planet. 

The truth is that it is absurd not to admit that Shakira has looked beautiful all the time … Many of her fans will have these pants engraved in her memory forever.

And although now the Colombian has diversified her style of dress, it cannot be denied that her essence remains intact, being one of the best hooks this artist has.



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