Gustavo Cerati: 1500 Days of Anguish, A Mother’s Hope, and a Letter from Pope Francis

Gustavo Cerati he fell into a coma May 17, 2010After losing the price after a performance in Venezuela, and Died September 4, 2014.was 1571 days of agony Meanwhile his mother Lillian ClarkI never lost hope that my son would wake up.

“There were some actions that gave me hope,” Lillian said, thrilled every time the ex-soda stereo vocalist moved, held his hand, and got his heart rate up. That’s why he kept his confidence until the final day. however, Pope Francis Prayer A sad ending was avoided.

Gustavo Cerati’s Mother’s Hope: Illusions Until the Last Days

he Gustavo Cerati’s last birthday was August 11, 2014. By then he had been in a coma for over four years. However, his mother Lillian Clark, he kept hoping that his son would wake up. That day, as before, he visited the clinic where he was hospitalized.

Gustavo Cerati died of respiratory arrest on September 4, 2014. Photo: Instagram @cerati

Gustavo Cerati died of respiratory arrest on September 4, 2014. Photo: Instagram @cerati

“When I arrived, he squeezed my hand tightly. I can see him excited on the monitor. I know that. I tell him how the day went, sing, I speak well. i think i was born again And I want you to feel that you are accompanied. Move your body. There is something alive and there now, so why can’t it continue? This is late and hard, but he’s sitting and he’s really well groomed and his skin is perfect. When you look at him, he’s fine, he’s just as if he’s sleeping,” she said on Aug. 11, 2014, confident the musician would regain his consciousness sooner or later.

And he concluded: “We have to keep investigating to find out what is going on in the world with this are out of work for many yearsGustavo was truly above his job, and so many years of over-responsibility and excesses can come at an unfortunate price.

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Cerati passed away less than a month later on September 4, 2014.due to respiratory arrest. Her mother said on December 31, 2007, how sad she was and about the hope she held on to while her son was in the hospital.

“There I am… experiencing physical discomfort and the rest is a long process that I have to go through. there is. It’s been a few years of great tension, a lot of pain, and a lot of hope.but there was also a great deal of fear,” he said.

Additionally, she talked about the signs that made her believe her son could succeed. “When I arrived I said ‘Hello Gustavit’ and I held his hand tightly and he held mine tightly.” Some actions gave hope. I looked at the monitors, I’m not stupid, they don’t lie. When he gets excited about something, the monitor’s pulse goes up. I saw all of that and part of him was there.

Letters and prayers of Pope Francis

plastic artist Gustavo MasoWorking with Lillian Clarke, she was encouraged to send her a letter on August 20, 2013. Letter to Pope Francis Ask for prayers for musicians.Immediately after Reply from Bergoglio arrives, even handwritten. Maso then read a message on the program that paid tribute to Cerati: “Thank you for coming, thank you for being there.”

Nine years have passed since the death of Gustavo Cerati. Photo: Instagram @cerati

Nine years have passed since the death of Gustavo Cerati. Photo: Instagram @cerati

“Gustavo Maso, thank you for your letter after 20 years. Your letter allowed me to reunite with Gustavo, because the familiar life archives us. And life goes on.” wait.. it disappears and reappears.. the most cruel archivist is oblivion.. our borges was right to tell us that i have not found only one It’s oblivion.Yes, from God.But between us, oblivion exists and it’s cruel.Thank you for letting the winds of remembrance blow,” the message began.

And he continued: “Tell Lillian that your testimony is beneficial to me. your courage to keep waiting And that I am with her. It is difficult to say anything in front of a sacred relationship like mother and child.but to accept my silent prayer. You can use it freely. “

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This wasn’t the only time Pope came into contact with the former leader of Soda Stereo’s environment. After Cerati’s death, her mother showed her a letter that Francisco had sent directly to her. For the last few weeks I kept it constantly present. I prayed for you and your son. May her Lord sustain her. give him the deepest peace. And please remember to pray for me, for what I need. May Jesus bless you and Our Lady take care of you. From my heart. Francisco”.

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