Gwen Stefani Manages to Annul Her Marriage to Gavin Rossdale at the Catholic Church

Cancellation will allow the singer to go up to the altar with her fiancé, musician Blake Shelton, her colleague in the American version of the reality ‘The Voice’

The singer Gwen Stefani managed to annul her marriage in the Catholic Church with the musician Gavin Rossdale. The two were married between 2002 and 2015, during which time they had Kingston (14 years old), Zuma (12 years old), and Apollo (6 years old).

The annulment granted by the Vatican Court will allow the celebrity to remarry inside a church. She is engaged to fellow musician Blake Shelton, her colleague in the North American version of freshman reality ‘The Voice’.

The annulment of Stefani and Rossdale’s marriage was revealed by a source close to the ex-couple in an interview with US Weekly magazine.

Singer Gwen Stefani and singer Blake Shelton (Photo: Getty Images)

“Gwen has already been notified of the decision of the Vatican Court,” said the publication’s contact. “She will still receive formal written notification in the coming weeks,
but it is already official.”

“This represents an immense relief for Gwen, because she wanted to marry the presence of a priest, having the marriage recognized by the Catholic Church,” explained the source.

Singer Gwen Stefani (Photo: Instagram)

Stefani and Shelton started dating in 2015, behind the scenes of ‘The Voice’, shortly after she ended their marriage. The relationship with Rossdale came to an end after an alleged affair between the artist and his children’s nanny.

The former No Doubt frontman and her current partner announced that they are engaged in October 2020. Soon afterward it was reported by the international press that the two are planning a ceremony attended by family and friends for 2021.

The same US Weekly reports that Shelton built a chapel on his ranch in the state of Oklahoma to perform the religious ceremony in the presence of a priest.

Musician Gavin Rossdale with his three children with singer Gwen Stefani (Photo: Instagram)


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