Gwent, Drag and Rebalance Function in the New Update

Gwent, Drag and Rebalance Function in the New Update

The Gwent developers have introduced some new features with the latest update, including the possibility of dragging the cards and rebalancing some units.

Gwent has received a new update that introduces the possibility to carry out the dragging of the cards and implements a rebalancing of some units. 

A function very requested by the community has arrived! Now you can directly drag the cards onto the battlefield! We have also introduced graphical references to highlight the preferred row of the various cards and differentiate between valid and non-valid targets, and we have made the game more fluid and faster at the interface level. 

The Nilfgaard Empire gets stronger!
In order to better define the identity of the Nilfgaard faction, we modified various papers in order to better manage the existing imperial arsenal of archetypes and strategies. 

Decks based on Soldier, Spy and Strategy units will benefit from reinforcements, while Reveal mechanics will take a more supporting role. Finally, Morvran Voorhis will get a new and powerful skill, tailored for a commander of his caliber! 

Many other improvements! 
We have worked hard to fully balance the cards of all GWENT factions and much more. All details can be consulted in the official update notes.

Stay Tuned For More Updates.


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