Haaland follows Cristiano Ronaldo’s footsteps even on diet

Not just weekenders who have idols. Professional athletes are also inspired by football personalities to achieve success. This is the case of Erling Haaland, who is drawing attention for his performance from the grassroots divisions in Europe.

Born in Norway, the 21-year-old now plays as forward for Manchester City and the national team. However, the youngster’s biggest inspiration is in the main opposing club, Manchester Unitedand is a great acquaintance of Brazilians, the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo.

Elected the best player in the world by FIFA five times, the Lusitanian impresses not only for his dribbles, but for the whole commitment that delivers to your team. The effort even includes a strict diet, which has become popular beyond the plate itself.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s popular diet

At 36 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo continues to play a good role wherever he goes. For experts, the performance is due to the way the ace take care of health all the timeand not just during the championships.

There are even who sees him as radicalBut, it seems, it’s habits that are taking him so far. According to the English newspaper The Sun, Cristiano Ronaldo has six meals and does not drink alcoholic beverages.

The player’s day begins with a breakfast (called breakfast in Portugal) that includes low-calorie ham, cheese and yogurt. In the afternoon, he consumes fruit or toast with avocado. Dinner includes salad and fish, and the last meal consists of a steak and seafood.

As can be seen, the athlete invests a lot in protein rich foods, such as yogurt, fish, avocado and meat. This makes muscle recovery better, moreover, the substance helps in the composition of muscle mass, which is essential for those who train with such intensity.

Haaland’s focus

Haaland already admired Cristiano Ronaldo, when he heard from a teammate of the Portuguese ace that he had a restricted diet. Those who have had lunch with the athlete, for example, have seen him eat only fish and not a plate full of food.

To accompany the idol, the Norwegian player has a chef who prepares his meals, just like Cristiano Ronaldo. The difference is that Haaland can’t resist the delights of his country when he’s at home. One of his favorite dishes, but which he rarely eats, is a kebab pizza. As it is a sporadic consumption, it does not interfere with the rest of the young person’s routine.

The Portuguese player’s diet can also be an inspiration for those who want to eat better. In Brazil, for example, it is normal to get lost when there are offers from Dia, Extra, Carrefour and other markets, because, in general, prices are higher. A cereal can go for less than R$9 a day and be a breakfast option. However, for the same price, the consumer can take fruit or other food that has more nutritional value.

The avocado, which is so consumed by the Portuguese player, costs R$6 at Supermercado Sonda. In other words, the star’s diet is more a matter of choice than of purchasing power, although the fact that he has an exclusive chef guarantees more convenience when eating.

Although the athlete does the diet for health and good performance, it is interesting to note that, like any other, it not for everyone. There are people who need to consume more or less natural fats, vitamins and other substances. In other words, fans of the ace can even be inspired by him to maintain healthier habits. Still, it’s worth seeking the help of a healthcare professional to determine what the body needs.

In the case of the player Haaland, as he is also a professional player, he has a team that helps him maintain his physique and high performance. Ordinary people do not usually have this apparatus and, therefore, it is important that seek medical opinions if they want to change their diet or start physical activity.

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