Hacked YouTube accounts promoted Ethereum – including Plejada and Przegląd Sportowy

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January 13, 2022, 11:59 am

In the nighttime attack, hackers were supposed to take over as many as 21,000 channels on YouTube. Then, they launched transmissions on them, encouraging them to invest in Ethereum, extorting even several hundred thousand zlotys from users.


  • Internet users report about a massive hacking attack on thousands of YouTube accounts.
  • Hackers took control of the channels of well-known portals and launched money-phishing transmissions under the guise of investing in Ethereum (ETH).
  • The victims were to be, inter alia, Onet Plejada and Przegląd Sportowy.

According to observers, on the night of January 12-13, a massive hacking attack on YouTube accounts took place. A victim it could go even 21 thousand channels on which hackers launched broadcasts encouraging to invest in Ethereum (ETH).

Among the channels taken over were allegedly Onet Plejada and Przegląd Sportowy, which is reported by at least a few Twitter users.

Hacked YouTube accounts were promoting Ethereum - including Pleiades and Przegląd Sportowy - illustration # 1

?? Source: Mateusz Stañczyk / Twitter.

The screenshots provided by Internet users show the changed name of the channel, the live broadcast, and the latest films from the Onet Plejada and Przegląd Sportowy websites.

Hacked YouTube accounts were promoting Ethereum - including Pleiades and Przegląd Sportowy - illustration # 2

?? Source: Micha³ Moch / Twitter.

As translates Adrian Or³ów, conducted the broadcasts served to extract money from viewers:

The scam is that it is a tokens giveaway. In return for the message, x eth scammers promise to send back multiple values. Of course, this never happens, and only half an hour after the scam promotion started, they made money 300 thousand zlotys

The takeover of the channels ensured that users observing, for example, Przegląd Sportowy, would see the report live. Although the name of the hacked account has been changed, the amount of phishing money indicates that at least some subscribers trust the content displayed on the channel being tracked.

The nighttime attack was probably meant to delay the channel administration’s response and extend the time it took for hackers to transmit content before portals regained control over them. Onet service has not issued any statement on this matter. Currently, there is also no trace of the attack.

Hacked YouTube accounts were promoting Ethereum - including Pleiades and Przegląd Sportowy - Illustration # 3

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