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Hacker Walter Delgatti Neto said on Thursday that former President Jair Bolsonaro was responsible for illegal wiretapping of Supreme Federal Court (STF) Minister Alexandre de Moraes in exchange for a pardon to release him from prison. said he asked to pay Delgatti testified at CPMI on Jan. 8.

The defense said the proposal was made over a phone call mediated by Federal Deputy MP Carla Zamberg (PL-SP). The hacker said the conversation took place in 2022, before the first elections. The purpose of the wiretapping would be to undermine public confidence in the electoral process and the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) presided over by Moraes.

— I spoke with the President of the Republic, who told me that he had obtained from Minister Alexandre de Moraes a wiretapping device that was highly sought after at the time. According to him, this tightening had already been carried out. I had a compromising conversation with the minister and he (Bolsonaro) demanded that I be held responsible for this wiretapping. In a phone call, he said the wiretapping was carried out by operatives from another country. I don’t know if that’s true, if the wiretapping really happened because I didn’t have access, he said.

Walter Delgatti Neto answered questions from CPMI Rapporteur, Senator Eliziane Gama (PSD-MA). In the same call, the hacker said Jair Bolsonaro promised to release him from a possible arrest warrant for the crime.

“He said he promised me a pardon in return.” “Don’t worry, if the judge arrests you, I will order the judge to arrest you.” He agreed because it was a proposal from the President of the Republic. Terrified, I returned home and contacted a journalist. look And I told him about it,” Delgatti said.

Senator Elysian Gama labeled the hacker’s testimony “exaggerated.”

— At that moment, the former president of the republic called you and suggested that you take over the wiretapping of the Minister of Defense, Alexandre de Moraes? Today’s statement is of great importance to CPMI’s work. exaggerated. The information brought to this commission is extremely serious. Information about this central point of the CPMI, which is precisely the questioning of election results, attempts to embed vulnerabilities, and the search for people already with aggression-related backgrounds to clearly justify conflicting narratives. is. with reality,” said the reporter.

morning meeting

The hacker also said he had breakfast with Jair Bolsonaro at the Alvorada Palace before making the call. The meeting took place on 10 August and was to be attended by Adjutant Carla Zamberi, who was then Assistant to the President of the Republic, Lieutenant Colonel Mauro Cid and Army Colonel Marcelo Camara.

Walter Delgatti Neto said the breakfast with Jair Bolsonaro came after two meetings with PL Waldemar da Costa Neto and re-election campaign chief Duda Lima. At these earlier conferences, marketers suggested that hackers would implant “malicious code” into electronic ballot boxes outside the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s premises to make voters question the integrity of the system. It would be

According to the hacker, the then president of the republic stepped up this demand during a meeting in the Palacio da Alvorada. Bolsonaro would also have suggested Delgatti help Defense Department engineers point out weaknesses in electronic voting machines to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

— He (Bolsonaro) told me that I would save Brazil. It was the freedom of those in danger. I needed to help him ensure election fairness. The conversation evolved into a technical part and the President said: So I’m going to send it to the Ministry of Defense and have them explain all of this with the technicians there. ‘ He called Colonel Marcelo Camara and said, ‘I want you to take me to the Ministry of Defense. The Colonel countered, “No, but it’s complicated.” And Bolsonaro said “No, this is my order. I will fulfill”. I was taken to the Ministry of Defense through the back door,” he reported.

Defendant said he made four other visits to the Ministry of Defense. In addition to servers in the information technology sector, he said he also received from the portfolio owner General Paulo Sergio Nogueira himself. Delgatti said he led the preparation of the report the military submitted to the TSE before the first round. In this document, the military points out the alleged vulnerability of electronic voting machines.

— The source code existed only on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and was accessible only to the Ministry of Defense servers. So they went to the Tokyo Stock Exchange and told me what they had seen. Everything I told them is in the report delivered to the Tokyo Stock Exchange. All I can say today is that the report as a whole contained exactly what I said. Nothing less, nothing more. I just didn’t type it. But I made it, because everything in it was led by me, – he said.

relationship with lieutenant

Walter Delgatti Neto said he met with MP Carla Zambelli at the Ribeirao Preto (SP) hotel in July 2022. At the time, the hacker was unemployed and under investigation for an identity theft operation by the federal police, so he was banned from accessing the Internet. Delgatti had access to and disclosed conversations by law enforcement officials related to Operation Lava Jato.

Defenders said after the meeting in Ribeirao Preto, MP Carla Zamberg contacted them via WhatsApp and offered them a “job opportunity” in Jair Bolsonaro’s re-election campaign. The original idea was for the hacker to control his network of parliamentarians socially. However, due to the decision of Alexandre de Moraes, she was banned from social networks.

Walter Delgatti Neto said he had received a reward of R$3,000 before Carla Zambelli’s account was suspended. However, after conversations with PL chairman, marketer Duda Lima, and Jair Bolsonaro himself, Carla Zamberi was to transfer a total of 40,000 reais to the hackers.

Defendants admitted that it was the idea of ​​Congressmen to infiltrate the National Judicial Council (CNJ) network. He admitted to inserting a false arrest warrant for Minister Alexandre de Moraes into the CNJ system.

— The agent told me I needed to break into the justice system or TSE itself. Several aggressions that showed the weakness of the judicial system. That would be an order from the president (Bolsonaro). But only the lieutenant said that, and I didn’t hear from the president. I broke into CNJ and every court in the country. I had access to all processes, all passwords for all judges and servers, and was on the Brazilian judge’s intranet for four months, the hacker said.

Deputy MP Arthur Maia (Ounian BA) Deplored Walter Delgatti Neto’s Use of ‘Very Rare Information’ to Commit Crime After Questioning by Senator Elitzian Gama, CPMI Chair thought.

“As a father of two, I look at you with heartbreak. When I saw you in this situation, you were arrested and you spoke about your financial difficulties in this statement. You. is a person of rare intelligence.People like you are not born all the time.You are a genius.Innate talents like yours can sometimes come at a cost in life. I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he said.

Walter Delgatti Neto’s testimony continues before Congress’ Joint Commission of Inquiry. The defendant has been arrested in Araraquara (SP) since August 2 and is being investigated on suspicion of breaking into the CNJ system and inserting false documents.

Senad Office (reproduced with permission based on Senad Senate citation)

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