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The case of the woman who died at the Papardo hospital where she was taken in very serious condition after she underwent a surgical revision of a gastric bypass in the clinic in June. For the same reason she had been under the knife in Genoa

It will be the autopsy, which will be carried out at the Messina Polyclinic in the coming days, to clarify the causes of the death of Patrizia Giunta, the 47-year-old from Modica who died at the Papardo hospital, in the city of the Strait, the night between Saturday and Sunday after an emergency hospitalization. The woman, who had undergone a surgical revision of a gastric bypass in a private clinic in Junewas taken in very serious condition to Papardo and hospitalized in Intensive Care, where she died.

Ua tragic story on which the Messina Prosecutor’s Office is investigating who acquired the medical records of the private facility and the hospital to reconstruct a story that began ten years ago, when, after many attempts to lose weight, Patrizia had wanted to undergo gastric bypass surgery, a drastic decision to overcome a problem that tormented her.

She went to the doctors of a hospital in Genoa and the operation went well. For a long time, the woman, married and the mother of two boys aged 18 and 20, seemed to have made peace with her physical appearance. She then began to gain weight again, even though her diet had not changed. And so in recent months she had returned to consult the specialists who had proposed a revision of the bypassa procedure indicated when weight loss is not sufficient or when, over the years, as was the case with Patrizia, the lost fat is recovered.

Lintervention this time was made in Messinabut unlike in the past, problems immediately arose, complications never resolved that forced her to a long hospital stay first, then to a continuous wandering between Modica and the city of the Strait to be reviewed by the doctors. Until the last hospitalization of the past few days. Patrizia’s health conditions worsened: pains, fever and hospitalization. Then death. Her husband Francesco Giurdanella, a small entrepreneur, filed a complaint with the Modica police. We want to understand what happened, says his lawyer, Giuseppe Pellegrino. The prosecutors are working to reconstruct the last months of the woman’s life and clarify if there is a link between the intervention and death.

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