Haddad, Dino and Tebet are Lula’s most popular members of parliament, according to polls

According to a survey conducted by the Quest Institute in partnership with Genial Investimentos, released on Thursday (10th), the Finance Minister said: Fernando Haddad (PT)is Esplanada dos Ministerios’ most popular portfolio holder among members of the current Congress.

The survey found that the head of the presidential government’s economic team said: Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) Rated positively by 52% of congressmen consulted. Conversely, 20% are negative about its management and 24% consider it normal.

Next, the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Flavio Dino (PSB), 48% of the MPs interviewed rated it positively and 34% rated it negatively. A further 15% think the former governor of Maranhão’s performance is average.

The third position is occupied by the Minister of Planning and Budget. Simone Tebet (MDB), 47% are positive mentions, 30% are regular, and 20% are negative. This is the lowest level of denial, along with Haddad, among the names of the six ministers surveyed in the survey.

When split according to the party that ideologically represents MPs, Dino leads the left, with 96 percent positive ratings and none negative. On the other hand, he was the most rejected by the right, at 74%.

Haddad comes in second among the most popular cabinet ministers in the left field, with 83% and 4% respectively. Tebet, on the other hand, is praised by 75% of him and criticized by 2%. On the right, this two of him are rejected by 46% and 42% respectively.

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The research also looked at the names of two ministers from the Palazzo Planalto and another portfolio holder from the Esplanada dos Ministerios. In the first group the Alexandre Padilla (PT)As head of institutional relations, he was rated positively by 41% of the National Assembly members consulted and negatively rated by 27%. Considering disaggregated data, Padilha has 68% support on the left, 38% on the center and 21% on the right. The failure rates are in the same order for him: 2%, 21%, 51%.

Outside the Esplanada, the secretary of the Ministry of Mines and Energy said: Alexandre Silveira (PSD)was next in the popularity rankings, with 28% positive reviews, 36% normal reviews, and 20% negative reviews among all respondents. He has the lowest approval rating from the left, at 43%, five percentage points higher than centrists, compared to 13% for the right. Rejection rates were 11%, 28%, and 75% in the three groups, respectively.

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The ministerial ranking lanterns tested in the survey are Rui Costa (PT), the Speaker of the House of Commons was rated positively by 25% of MPs and negatively by 41%, while the remaining 28% were cautious. On the left, 51% approve and 11% disapprove. In the center they are 26% and 28% respectively. On the right, the former Governor of Bahia, supported by 3% of MPs interviewed and disapproved by 75%.

A total of 185 face-to-face and online interviews were conducted during the Congressional mandate. Samples were defined based on regional hierarchy and ideological positioning of political parties (left, center, right). The estimated maximum error bars are 4.8 percentage points above and below.

The collection period was from June 13 to August 6, and it captured the extreme state of the relationship between Mr. Lula in his third term and the National Congress. The worst was June, when interim measures to reorganize ministries were about to expire. And above all, it will start in July after the approval of the new fiscal framework and tax reform, the priority guidelines for the economic agenda.

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