Hailey Bieber reveals the truth about Justin and Selena: unsettling move


“People need to know,” declares the 25-year-old model who finally, after years, breaks the silence about what happened

For the first time, Hailey Bieber talks about Justin and Selena Gomez, their love story and breakup. Throughout all these years, the 25-year-old American model has often been accused of ‘stealing’ her boyfriend from the beloved Disney star. The couple made up of Justin Bieber and Selena has made millions of people dream for years. When the breakup came and then the news of the singer’s new relationship with Hailey a storm broke out. Even today, after many years, there are those who are convinced that Baldwin was the cause of the break between the two pop stars.

Insults and ferocious attacks, in all these years, have hit the 25-year-old model almost every day. Now finally Hailey decides to tell how things really went between Justin and Selena, thus breaking all the ideas that fans have made over time. Just recently, Bieber celebrated his fourth wedding anniversary with his beloved wife. Despite this, he continues to be behind him the shadow of Gomez, at least for the fans. In fact, Justin and Hailey have been shown to be in love and happy ever since they form a couple, regardless of this.

In these hours, Mrs Bieber reveals the truth of the facts in a new interview on Alex Cooper’s podcast, Call Her Daddy. Here the American entrepreneur chooses to take stock of the situation once and for all. It seems that Hailey Bieber has long wanted to express herself on the matter, as if she now wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to finally free herself from the attacks received in all these years. She thus reveals the truth about what happened and makes clarifications about her person.

“People have to know the truth, because there is a truth. I’ve avoided talking about it for a long time, it’s crazy that I’m doing it for the first time. When I started a romantic relationship with Justin he wasn’t in a relationship. He’s not part of me playing with other people’s relationships. I would never do that. I was raised better than that “

Justin Bieber fans need to know how things really went, his wife Hailey points out. In this way, it eliminates any doubt about the thought that many people have made over the years. Will she continue to be accused of being a couples wrecker? Meanwhile, Mrs. Bieber is keen to reveal too why she and Justin got married so fast.

“The only people who really know how things went are me and him. I understand how he can be misunderstood from the outside. We were very young, we got engaged officially when he was 24 and I was 21, I didn’t even think I would get married so young. The timing was quick but it seemed like the right thing to do at the time “

He also explains that the meeting took place between Selena Gomez and Justin shortly before their wedding “Has closed a chapter”. Believe this “It was the best thing that could have happened to him to keep going”. It defines it “Healthier and more mature decision” that he could take. And he concludes: “I know that if we were able to get back together it was because it was closed between them“.

The question, however, now arises: why after all these years Hailey Bieber decides to talk about the Justin and Selena issue? Is this a decision that did not depend on any premeditation? It should be noted that Gomez’s documentary, My Mind and Me, will be out shortly. Coincidence?

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