Hailey Bieber revives the school girl trend in 6 flawless looks

Sometimes slit dress, sometimes low waist baggy jeans, Hailey Bieber adopts all trends with style. From streetwear to ultra-tight prom dresses, the founder of cosmetics brand Rhode Skin has recently proven that the school girl trend is one of her greatest assets.

Hailey Bieber, irresistible in school girl style

Big follower of the red carpets, Hailey Bieber does not miss an opportunity to reveal her most beautiful outfits. And lately, during her daytime outings on her lover’s arm, the young woman loves to adopt the school girl look. For this, she bets on the basics of her wardrobe such as a simple white T-shirt accompanied by low-waisted blue jeans or even a hoodie with cycling shorts. Without forgetting the pleated mini-skirt, essential in the school girl’s dressing room. Finally, we do not forget to bet on the suit pants, to wear with sandals, sneakers or a pair of heels.

How to adopt the school girl trend like Hailey Bieber?

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In the school girl’s dressing room, it is essential to find a set of basic pieces that will make all your outfits irreproachable. To start, we find the famous pleated mini-skirt. To wear with an oversized sweatshirt to break the style too (…)

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