hair in quarantine: 5 useful tips to treat them at home


Rossano Ferretti, hair stylist characters such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Middletonhas always been a supporter of the idea that it is important to be beautiful from the sun. To come from him tips how to wash and dry the hair during this period quarantine who sees the salons closed.

The name of one of the hair stylist the world’s most famous, which boasts of having been responsible for the most beautiful women like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Middleton, is Rossano Ferretti. Is the owner of one of the salons the most revolutionary located in various cities such as Los Angeles, Miami, Dubai, Los Cabos and monte carlo. And it is precisely from monte-carlo that is following the changes underway in this period, and it is from there that lives up to its quarantine.

How to wash and dry your hair

Ferretti tried to continue to pamper its customers, even if from a distance, giving tips regarding the washing and the drying of the hair. These are his words: “[…] the process starts from the wash unit, in this case, from the shower: before the woman wet the hair should use a brush with fine tooth and wide to remove knots and impurities. The other trick is to use lukewarm water not to stimulate the sweat glands. The shampoo to be applied first in the nape and then to the centre of the head so as not to put stress on the hair. The locks should not be, nor rub or rub, but massage. Between key stages there is one of the rinsethat should be plenty, but the first should be applied to a mask or a conditioner to distribute with a comb-teeth very large, in order to avoid the break”.

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With regard to thedrying states: “the Board of leave your hair wet wrapped in a towel like a turban, at least for 5 minutes, so that the excess moisture is absorbed. Then begins the drying should be done head downwards, so as to volumizzare the natural way the hair. The right technique is from the roots to the tips”.

The same recommend that you use the fingers of the hands for “combing” the hair during the drying process as they have a natural fat that will distribute evenly along the hair strands. Finally, after drying, should apply a serum or an oiluseful against dust.

It also expresses itself on the imaginary “grandma’s remedies”. Ferretti argues that this last are useless and do not bring any benefit to the hair, especially these days. Once worked because there was no dust and there was less pollution while today it is necessary to use appropriate cleaning products.



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