Hair trend: this very controversial cut is making a comeback in fall 2023, we confirm!

When it comes to trends lately, it’s been a bit of a cacophony. And now hairstylists are reporting a renewed surge in requests for the most controversial hairstyle in history. It promises !

This haircut is so atypical that there is a European championship, it’s quite a surprising fact. This controversial hair style has refused to disappear from people’s heads for decades. On the contrary, we have never heard as much about it as now. Evidence of the growing interest in this look: the 12.8 billion views on the mullet hashtag counted on TikToka European Championship in the Creuse, more and more stars wearing the mullet, the existence of a fan account “The Mullet Society” bringing together mullet selfies and the increase in requests for this haircut in hair salons. The mullet cut is the most famous cup in history, it is obvious.

Trendy haircut: when the mullet is more fashionable than ever

Although this haircut is qualified as the most controversial in history, we have never seen it so much. The mullet is defined by a haircut that is shorter in the front, top and sides with a longer length at the nape. The hair really falls down the neck, which contrasts with the length on the top of the head. That special look was popularized by David Bowie in the 70s. Over the years, other celebrities have adopted this cut. And more recently, with Lil Nas, Miley Cyrus, Milla Jovovich at the Venice Film Festival… The mullet cut is really making a splash among the starsit is a fact.

This new resurgence in popularity is attributed to Generation Z. You are no doubt aware that they are the ones who decide what is cool or not these days. The proof is with the comeback of ballerinas, also a controversial fashion choice. And although most are unaware of the origins of this hairstyle, they want to adopt it for the fun aspect of the look. Both men and women since this hairstyle is unisex, it suits both profiles perfectly. Now, it remains to be seen whether you are part of the team for or against the mullet cut.. The debate can drag on…

Miley Cyrus, Lil Nas X, Milla Jovovich with the mullet cut
© gettyMiley Cyrus, Lil Nas X, Milla Jovovich with the mullet cut

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