Hair, what to do: from Jada Pinkett Smith’s alopecia to treatments for healthy and strong hair like Georgina Rodriguez

Alopecia it is a disease on the rise and in Italy it affects 1.5% of people, including many women. But if for men it can be a tragedy, for women it can become a real tragedy. Probably he also experienced it like that Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith’s wife, suffering from alopecia and who, for this reason, has been sporting a shaved head for years, showing over time an example of acceptance of her new condition. For many women in fact thewith hair loss it is equivalent to the loss of an important piece of one’s femininity. A real psychological trauma.

Women and hair

Don’t just call it an aesthetic issue: hair isn’t. Their lack of has, in fact, a ‘huge influence on self-esteem and on people’s well-being, and is the cause of many cases of depression. The WHO (World Health Organization) considers alopecia a pathology in all respects.

“The diagnosis of alopecia is an event perceived and experienced as traumatic by women who, unexpectedly and suddenly, have to deal with the change of their
external and internal image. The mirror reflects a different reflection from the usual one: the face is
different due to thinning and / or hair loss. The acceptance and adaptation process takes time and has important psycho-emotional, cognitive, relational, social repercussions that are also affected by the subjective investment of the image and, in particular, by the meanings attributed to the hair, as well as the ability to face the uncontrollable and the reactions and support of intra and extra family network », explains Isabella Marchetti, individual systemic-family psychologist and psychotherapist and also fashion and image psychologist.

«As often happens in the face of a mournful event, the loss of one’s own image as known up to that moment initially triggers disbelief, amazement, disorientation, anguish that can also involve a total and / or partial denial of reality. The ability to cope with e overcome the trauma of change she is affected by the greater or lesser propensity to accept the unpredictable and the uncontrollable: the more a woman contemplates the unexpected and experiences it with little anxiety and agitation, the more easily she processes the event of alopecia and the change in hair. In addition to this, the possibility of managing hair thinning and / or loss depends on the subjective meaning attributed to them “, continues the expert.

Female alopecia, causes and remedies

Let’s start by saying that the configuration of the female pattern baldness it is different from the male one. In women, the hair thins out all over the head and there is no receding hairline, even if in this case androgenetic alopecia, the most common, (remember, however, that that of Jada Pinkett Smith is alopecia areata, characterized by a or multiple patches of hair loss) rarely causes total baldness.

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