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Nicole Kidman says goodbye to long hair? What haircut was the world cinema star’s long locks replaced with? And the motivation is the role in the new series “Expats” which will soon be on our screens! How to adapt the haircut and how to maintain it on your hair? The Deavita editorial team gives you all the information on the Nicole Kidman short bob!

What is the Nicole Kidman short bob?

short bob nicole kidman haircut for women 50 60 years rejuvenating bangs

Nicole Kidman delighted all her fans with her radical change of short bob. In addition to being superb, the actress has given priority to the short bob that stops at the jawline. The hairstyle has a rejuvenating effect, naturally allowing the waves to burst out towards the shoulders. The former wife of Tom Cruise therefore emphasizes natural waves going up to the shoulders. The 55-year-old glamorous star looks even brighter thanks to this hairstyle choice.

For years we have been used to seeing the world star with long hair, but with her new unrecognizable look she is winning the hearts of her fans. In addition to the world cinema icon Nicole Kidman, the short bob is increasingly popular with another screen beauty, short bob Eva Longoria, as well as the model Hailey Bieber. They don’t cheat with women’s haircuts in 2023!

Who is the Nicole Kidman short bob for?

short bob nicole kidman haircut woman 50 60 years rejuvenating blonde bangs

The mature age of world cinema star Nicole Kidman does not change her unrecognizable appearance over the years! On the contrary, the short bob beautifully outlines facial features, which can also be adapted to your features. For which facial features is the short bob recommended?

This hairstyle is perfect for women with prominent jawlines or cheekbones, which are beautifully highlighted, especially if it is ankle-length. How to wear the short bob with bangs? Women with triangular or square faces can also favor this hairstyle. Ladies, if your face is a little broad, it is better to avoid this hairstyle which will accentuate it even more. But if you persist in your choice, you can add bangs that will successfully close the facial features.

short bob nicole kidman haircut for women 50 60 years old rejuvenating bangs fashion trend

Does the bob cut make you look younger?

Have you heard the prejudices and stereotypes that short hairstyles are not suitable for mature women over 50? Authentic, original and very classy is the short hairstyle even at 60! Dear readers, in fact, the short bob is a trendy and current hairstyle that will give a vintage style, but with a new touch!

One of the benefits of cutting hair is highlighting the natural structure of hair, whether curly or straight. Which 2023 short bob for women aged 50 is right for you? There are many ways to customize a short bob that is sure to make any woman look younger by slightly shortening the front strands. Additionally, your hairstylist has a professional view of your hair and can help you in a possible double-edged situation.

short square interview nicole kidman haircut for women 50 60 years old rejuvenating bangs

A beautiful and shiny hairstyle requires care, ladies! Are you lucky enough to have curly hair and are you wondering how to maintain it with a short bob? Use hair masks with essential oils that will nourish and tame your hair. For good maintained length, it is advisable to visit the hairdresser every two months for a presentable look.

Use hydrating conditioners on dry ends and oils on wet hair for ends. They are an important part of the overall appearance of a hairstyle, which is why they should be given special attention. Avoid excessive use of a hair dryer as it damages the hair shaft.

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