Hairstyle Trend: What is a Wolf Cut?

we know mule, short on the sides, long and very thin on the back of the neck. We also saw a strong return on Instagram shag cut from english “Shaggy” To designate a “bushy” effect. Hair can be maintained for a long time with this tapering technique Quantity and Disturbance, Gradation, trend depending on medium length hair wolf cut It is in between the two. scope Mixedshe holds a choppy bangs that frames the face.

From Guns N’ Roses’ Izzy Stradlin to Modern Talking’s Thomas Anders, The Cut wolf is born from 1980s rock scene, Remastered and updated by Fashion, this new edition pleases both on and off the catwalk Social Networks, At the top of searches on Pinterest and Instagram #wolfcat, they are also trendsetters, Who would have contributed to popularize it, like billie eilish With a post on Instagram.

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Wolf Cut, Butterfly Cut: What’s the Difference?

shaggy hairWolf Cut and more… butterfly cut, How to find your way through all these hairstyle trends? Worthy successor of 70 trends, butterfly cut or “butterfly” cut, is a type of wolf cut in long version, it’s a layered haircut shortcut with some long ends Like shimmering wings on the shoulders. a glance that moves on texture matchingadopted by stars like Jennifer Lopez fringed curtain, It is ideal for thick hair also softens the features and beautify angular faces,

If both cuts have wild rendering, the main difference is that wolf cut usage layers Small For frame the face and it is increased by a fringeWhen butterfly resorts to short layers back To create volume. On the one hand we have masculine results, on the other more feminine.

Bowl wolf Is also more jerky than his cousin butterfly, keep his broad length, If you want to try one of these two hairstyles, then definitely try them. professional barber Who would know how to carve the mass perfectly into the shield and adjust the speed of his chisel. Above all, we tend to forget the hairdressing process at home.

⋙ 20 celebrity haircuts to choose your wolf cut

Who can adopt the Wolf Cut?

less daring than mullet, cut wolf Applies it all equally, being marked more than sexual intercourse, Before starting this hairstyling project, you should ask yourself if you are ready to do it. very chopped childlike and a look”messy hair”, Stepping up, the Wolf cut will deliver undeniable style and confidence, in addition to being able to match trends all forms of face If it is well executed by his barber.

Hair stiff And Fat This would be best suited for cuts that require a marked gradient. But long hair purposes And the dishes will be ruined too because this haircut will naturally recreate some Volume at root level, Bowl wolf Can go with curly hair too. The rendering will be more uncontrolled and furious, the beauty of the cut will be enhanced loops,

you can be tempted too scanning or some wick But which, depending on the hairdresser’s vision, can almost go off the rails with bad results. best to keep Colour Uniform is it due WhiteOf light brown But brown and other fancy colors. However, natural is especially appropriate with this tousled cut.

How to Maintain Your Wolf Cut?

Good news for the “zero effort” woman. Wolf cut has many benefits easy to maintain, After washing, a simple reverse drying Sufficient to promote the material that can be prepared in the open air. Overall, none brushing on the horizon. You can keep it with you to keep the spirit alive in the cup for the rest of the day Spray volumizing Twist the ends with your fingers for even more effect. scattered And scattered on length.

this haircut is being done already Structured and worked in the form, it leaves little room for ideas hairstylesor the wishes of to tie up your hair, However, it can be extendedBelongings hair to style it.

Practical on a daily basis, the wolf haircut also has the advantage of keep long and it doesn’t need not a lot of editing In a hair salon. 4 months later Usually, this can be re-cut at a hairdresser, even if the pushback keeps the gradient of the hair natural. Nevertheless, the fringe and contours of the face should be maintained more visit to the barber per month,

follow a good hair routine care products for both Skull And this Length, also allows you to maintain the health of your hair. A Care suit him hair typethat we have loops or long natural hair smoothIt should be applied regularly to the ends and throughout the hair, it is an essential practice to maintain the shine and beauty of your hair, especially if you have opted for it. Colour,

⋙ Slideshow: 20 celebrity haircuts to choose your wolf cut

⋙ 20 celebrity haircuts to choose your wolf cut

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