Hairstyles to look younger

Hairstyles to look younger, there are 5 with a “lifting effect”

Let’s admit that at least once in our life we ​​have googled the wording “hair to look younger”. And not wrong. Because, as professional hairstylists teach us, it is possible to remove tiredness and some spring from the face also thanks to hairstyles that are real trick in this sense. In fact, there are hairstyles that, with the experience and wisdom acquired over the years, make it appear simply more rested and radiant. In two words, in fact, younger. The beauty is that you don’t have to cut or thin out the hair; one will suffice accessory, like bobby pins, clips and scrunchies, to create your own “rejuvenating” crop. And not even Julia Fox can admonish us in our desire to appear with a few more hours of sleep or a few years less on her face. So we have collected 5 ideas, perfect for anything else even for the holidays that are approaching. They are collections that are easy to make, beautiful and fun, lifting effect.

But before… dos and don’ts to remember

Any styling has the power to add or erase a few years. To avoid, if you want to appear younger, are definitely the hair worn in front of the face, such as beach waves and excessive curls. The passepartout to be forever young Instead, it consists of messy hairstylesor from detail, such as the fringe and / or thin locks messy around the face, which give a rejuvenating chiaroscuro effect. But let’s get to the point.



1. The ponytail with bangs

The dear Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) by Emily in Paris gave a twist to his look (maybe) to win back the sexy chef Gabriel (Lucas Bravo). And she opted for one long bangs which she often shows off combined with a ponytail, or an artfully disheveled chignon. Take a cue from her: this hairstyle is among the best hairstyles to look younger. All you have to do is tie your hair into a tight but very low ponytail, and cover the elastic with a lock of your hair to make styling more sophisticated.

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