Haitian artist Liautaud H Philojean aka “King 509” in concert in Canada

Haitian artist Liautoud H Philogen says: “King 509” will perform in concert at the Saw Club in Ottawa, Canada on July 7, 2023. An occasion for the rising singer in the music world to celebrate six years of his career.

KingH509 said in an interview with the newspaper Le National, “This concert is to celebrate my career, my successes, my failures, my depressions, my happy moments.” He continued, “I will be really filled with emotions for this concert, especially since I will be accompanied by two other artists who will be on stage as curtain raisers. It will be Le Flo Franco and Jacreol two artists who have been playing music since 2010. Growing up in a world like mine.

A musical performance with gigs and DJs will be the highlight of this concert from KingH509, who is very active on the music scene in Ottawa. An eclectic artist, KingH509 is not limited to one musical genre. He also raps like Konpa. His latest single: “Millions” performed with Senegalese singer Jimou Konpa blends wonderful harmonies between Dierk and trap. In this composition, Liautaud Philogene and the Senegalese singer-songwriter tell us about love and living together, according to La Presse. This is a song that fits the trap-compass genre. In this title, the duo brings forth the story of two lovers who believe in working hard to achieve their dreams. It is a tribute to love, togetherness, but above all to human brotherhood. After one album and one EP, Liautoud H. Philogene has established himself as one of the younger artists of Haitian musical heritage in North America. According to him, “Konpa is the most popular Haitian music trend and international artists such as Buba, Niska, Aya Nakamura, Naja and Dadju have sung konpa songs in their albums. Why not him? Haitian bands such as Carimi, Nu-Luk and Taboo Combo have made big venues in France such as Olympia and Zenith. Through this music genre, I want to promote my country and its music culture. Haitian music is a rich and varied music. I have grown up with this music deep inside me. Jaal Konpa is my horizon. My passion It’s a genre that allows me to take my soul to others,” he said.

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After one album and one EP, Liautoud H. Philogene has established himself as one of the younger artists of Haitian musical heritage in Canada. After his first EP titled “Mansa”, released in 2018, KingH509 has become the embodiment of Haitian culture. Liautaud H. Philogene attended secondary school at the Cours Privé Adme and then immigrated to the United States, Philadelphia, in January 2010, where he completed his secondary education at Overbrook High School; Will Smith also studied in the same school. After high school, he moved to Ottawa, Canada, where he graduated from the University of Ottawa; Bachelor’s degree in Social Science and a minor degree in Sociology. Passionate about music, Kingh509 has been writing songs since he was nine years old. Over time, he continues to write texts. It was in 2011 that he began to interpret certain texts on stage to represent Haiti in certain cultural activities at the University of Ottawa and in the Ottawa-Gatineau community. He has played roles in plays, composed for some occasions, acted in several short films and was also an actor in the two season series filmed in Ottawa “Cold Southern Blocks”, which is available on YouTube. Kingh509 officially started his career as an artist in May 2017. In the same year, he released his first EP, “Manasa”. A year later, a Trap-Konpa “Le Velle Trip” and since then, he has decided to adopt Trap-Konpa and Afrobeats as a new musical genre. In October 2021, he released his debut album, “My Hour”, which included “X” and “#TMM” as music videos. The album was distributed in Canada by the Association of Song and Music Professionals (APCM) and “Believe Music”. Eventually Kingh509 decided to make a big career in this field and picked up the Trap Konpa and Afro beats trends. To date, his repertoire consists of two “extended plays”, commonly referred to as EPs, which are a solo album. ,

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