Half-naked Cardi B is walking around her apartment! [WIDEO] Sexy?

Cardi B
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Regardless of the pandemic, Cardi B celebrated its 28th birthday on a grand scale at the weekend. The rapper was playing with a group of friends in one of the clubs in Las Vegas. To sum up this crazy partying, the star added some hot shots to Instagram. It is almost an adult movie in skimpy underwear!

Cardi B has reasons to celebrate. The celebrity is only 28 years old, and she can already say that she is currently the biggest female rap star in the world. Cardi B For several years, she has been successfully conquering the charts with her next hits, and her Instagram profile is watched by almost 80 million people.

Cardi B is 28 years old! You didn’t know these hot facts about her

But how can you celebrate your birthday with panache in times of a pandemic? More and more celebrities have been facing similar dilemmas for several months – due to the risk of infection, it is still recommended to limit social contacts, and going to clubs is considered the best way to catch the virus. However, it turns out that Cardi B she wasn’t going to care about it this weekend.

Cardi B celebrates her birthday half-naked

As befits a controversial rapper, Cardi B she was having fun on her birthday with a large group of friends. First, the star in the company of friends organized a “twerk party” at home, where the girls competed in shaking their booty, and later – in an even larger group – Cardi B she went to one of the clubs in Los Angeles. No wonder her fans immediately noticed that something was wrong …

it is so irresponsible that you forget that we are in a global pandemic

so celebrities don’t think social distance applies to them as well? I see

– we read in the comments under the photo from the event.

ESKA XD # 005

Undeterred, however Cardi B she had a great time, which she summed up in one of her videos. In the video, we see a half-naked rapper with a purse who stumbles across her apartment.

– she wrote Cardi B.

Do you think it makes sense to party like this during a pandemic?

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