Half of German companies suffer from a shortage of qualified employees

The largest staff shortages are reported by the health care and construction industries, informs “Spiegel”, referring to the report of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK). “In the years to come, it will become increasingly difficult for companies to combat the shortage of skilled workers,” emphasizes DIHK Vice President Achim Dercks.

According to the DIHK report, based on information from approximately 23,000 companies, the shortage of qualified employees is considered to be the greatest business risk. As much as 51 percent. enterprises have shortages of staff and difficulties in filling at least some of the positions.

Before the pandemic, it was 47%. According to the report, the greatest shortages in qualified staff are in the construction, medical and mechanical engineering industries.

85 percent companies expect negative consequences for their operations, caused by a shortage of qualified staff. 43 percent of companies assume that they will lose orders as a result or will be forced to reject them. In 2019, in a study conducted before the pandemic, such problems were reported by 39 percent. companies.

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This may result in limiting the offer or scope of activities of the companies. For example, the problem of the lack of truck drivers or logistics staff is known: difficulties in this area will slow down or stop industrial production processes if the necessary materials are not delivered on time. “In addition, there may be retail supply problems and empty shelves,” adds Dercks.

He emphasizes that this shortage of skilled workers will worsen in the coming years as “more professionals retire than come from schools”.


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