Halle Bailey, the new Disney Little Mermaid responds to criticism received after the release of the trailer

Halle Baileyrepeatedly confused with actress Halle Berry, is Ariel in the new live action The Little Mermaid from Disney.

The film is slated for release in 2023, but the US multinational already has first teaser trailer released. In just over a minute there are few scenes made available to fans, but those few shots they have unleashed the wrath of some.

In fact, the melodious voice of Ariel that we hear during the trailer belongs to Halle Bailey, African American actress and singer chosen for the important role.

Whether it’s real racism or not, many users have complained about Disney’s choice to entrust this role to a black girl. In a few hours, in fact, the web was unleashed, who in favor of the singer and who, instead, against.

Fans and celebrities have sided in favor of Bailey, with tweets of encouragement, but the actress herself has decided to respond to the criticism. Here are what her words were.

Halle Bailey: Response to Criticism and Celebrity Support

The first criticisms of the singer came more than a year ago, when it was announced that she would be the new Ariel in the live action in production. But with the release of the first teaser trailer, criticism exploded once again on the web.

Halle Bailey
Halle Bailey

In support of the actress came several fellow actors, including Darryl Hannah, known for her participation in the film Splash with Tom Hanks. With a tweet, the actress told the critics about her:The Little Mermaid is black. I met her. Here you are! # nonfateglistr ** zirazzizsti “.

But Bailey wanted to have her say by responding on social media to the numerous criticisms received: What does not kill you makes you stronger.

Halle Bailey is the Little Mermaid: because she receives criticism for her skin color

A great responsibility rests on Bailey’s shoulders, such as the one that brought actresses like Emma Watson when she played Beauty in Beauty and the Beast released in 2017, or Lily James as Cinderella in the film released in 2015.

Playing a beloved role like Disney Princess Ariel isn’t easy at all, especially if you’re constantly getting criticized for her skin color.

But why is the world (or rather, a part) opposed to a black little mermaid? There are those who claim a film faithful to the fairy tale created by Hans Christian Andersen and who, instead, it relies on scientific theories that underwater creatures cannot have dark skin.

Nevertheless, the first reactions of children, that we can define as the true target of the film, they very much appreciated the choice of the actress.

On social media, in fact, they are shooting videos of African American girls that in seeing the new trailer of The Little Mermaid are amazed and happysaying “It’s black, mom, it’s like”.

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