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The actress appears naked topless in a very famous sequence

A scene from Swordfish code which has as its protagonist Halle Berry

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Halle Berry appears topless nude in one scene by Swordfish code. In an interview the actress had revealed that she had accepted to appear nude in the film because she wanted to overcome her fear of doing nude scenes, which she had always refused to shoot before. Swordfish Code is a film directed in 2001 by Dominic Sena and starring Halle Berry as well as Hugh Jackman and John Travolta. This is not the first article in which I talk about this good actress, I had already done it here: Accidents on the set of Halle Berry.

Swordfish code he did not particularly fascinate either the public or the critics, many went to see him after the rumor had spread that in the film you could see Halle Berry nude topless in one sequence. The same actress also appeared in other decidedly sexy scenes. In the film Stanley Jobson he is the best hacker in the world, and is on probation, with a ban on using the computer and getting close to his daughter Holly. The girl is entrusted exclusively to her mother Melissa, an alcoholic porn star, now remarried to a rich porn producer.

One day Ginger Knowles will ask Stanley Jobson to go to his boss, Gabriel Shear, a secret agent who acts outside the bounds of the law. He will have to infiltrate a computer system and steal money from a fund that doesn’t officially exist, used for bribing public officials. In exchange, Stanley he will earn 10 million dollars and therefore he accepts, hoping to be able to obtain custody of his daughter from the court.

Halle Berry appears naked in Swordfish Code and the scene earned her half a million dollars

The actress in an interview with New York Post he had talked about the fact that he had a lot of problems shooting nude scenes. Halle Berry she explained that the scene where she is naked in Swordfish code it is the first of his career. In fact, it was not easy for the director and the producers to convince her to undress in front of the camera. Dominic Sena had told that to convince Halle Berry to show her naked body they gave her half a million dollars more in compensation.

Halle Berry said the director just made a joke. Whether what she said is true or false Dominic Senahowever the actress from the film earned a lot and became one of the highest salaries of her acting career. Halle Berry she also added that the scene where she is naked topless in Swordfish code it was decisive for her career, because as I told you these sequences worried her.

She said New York Post “If I hadn’t shot the scene I did in The Swordfish Code when I got to the love scene in the Monster’s Ball script, I would have stopped reading and said, ‘It’s not for me.’ She would therefore not have chosen to take part in the Marc Forsteror at least he wouldn’t have agreed to shoot that scene.

The turning point in Halle Berry’s career

Indeed after that sequence Halle Berry he understood that he could shoot nudity and sex scenes without problems. Same year as Swordfish code took part in Monster’s Ball – The shadow of life. In the film Halle Berry appears naked in a very intense sex scene with Billy Bob Thornton. She will then appear in 2002 alongside Pierce Brosnan in Death can waitwhere she is seen several times in scenes where she shows off her sexy body.

Halle Berry she will then star naked in gothic in 2003. Very famous will then be his striptease in Frankie & Alice of 2010, I talk about it in this article: The most famous stripteases in the history of cinema.

More curiosities about Halle Berry and the Swordfish Code

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