Halle Berry reveals rare photos of her daughter Nahla who has grown up really well! – Grazia

The American actress still managed to surprise her fans.

Halle Berry blew her 57th birthday on August 14, and it was with her family that she celebrated her birthday, with her companion, Van Hunt, and her daughter Nahla. All dressed in pink – from head to toe, the trio treated themselves to a very special day, on the theme of Barbie (for the originality…), and Halle shared on Instagram several photos of their outing.

Halle Berry: her daughter is taller than her

What shocked Internet users? It was to realize how much her daughter had grown. nahla, born of Halle’s relationship with Gabriel Aubry, is indeed 15 years old. She’s a teenager. And she is very tall. More than even her mother (she measures 1.65 m).

Halle is also the first to have fun: “My mini-me (but not so mini now) and my VanO took me to World of Barbie (an exhibition dedicated to the famous doll, editor’s note) for my birthday! I was able to express my inner Barbie!!!! I love you… thank you! »she commented.

Halle Berry is the mother of two children, Nahla therefore, and Maceo (who will be 10 years old in October and whose father is Olivier Martinez). But her offspring, the actress ardently protects her from the media. If they have already been surprised by the paparazzi, she never shows them on the social networks. In any case, the few times she does (usually for their birthday), she always takes great care to conceal their faces and only show them, at best, from behind. Like here for Nahla…

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