Halle Berry, the beauty routine for a young décolleté at 55

Radiosa and glittering: here Halle Berry, 55, in her latest post on Instagram, with a breathtaking sequined jumpsuit, which highlights the décolleté.

Halle Berry, the neckline is social at 55

In and around Hollywood, the stars are divided into two categories: the champions of the so-called “graceful ageing”, who enhance the signs of aging with visible wrinkles and silver hair. And then there are the highlanders of beauty, of which the 55-year-old certainly belongs Halle Berry.

In her latest post on Instagram, the protagonist of “Cat Woman” and “Monster’s Ball” wearing a jumpsuit by Amen Style with a dizzying V-neckline that leaves little to the imagination. The smooth, compact and luminous décolleté it is in splendid shape.

Halle Berry, style icon with plunging necklines

Halle Berry, style icon with plunging necklines

Few beauty gestures, but constant

Net of the beauty treatments and any aesthetic or digital “touch-ups”, the actress’ neckline is a veritable hymn to the practice of skincare.

March 2022. Halle Berry at the Critics Choice Awards (photo Getty Images)

«I have been taking care of my body skin religiously since I was 16» he has declared «I do it twice, morning and evening, and I’ve never missed a single day».

Halle Berry’s body care routine

The fundamental steps of the ex Catwoman’s body care routine are four. First, a cleaning done with light circular gestures and for at least a minute, without ever forgetting the neck.

Second, the‘exfoliation, to gently remove dead cells with the most suitable product for the type of your epidermis. In her case it’s the Olehenriksen face scrub.

Thirdly, a moisturizing mask, to give a hydration boost and reduce fine wrinkles. (to be done at most twice a week)

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Last but not least, a nourishing serum, to be massaged by gently tapping the face. His favorite is Olga Lorencin’s Lactic Acid Hydrating Serum. «Using a quality product is like giving your skin an energy drink» has explained «when the skin is nourished and quenched, the whole look automatically improves».


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